[random] Youguth Probiotics + Gong Cha Crème Brûlée Strawberry Latte

I was selected to work from home for 3 days, and Baby came over to meet me for dinner after his work. He suggested going out for dinner instead of somewhere nearby my place. He drove to City Square Mall, and we settled at Watami Japanese Restaurant, as it has been quite a while since we last visited this eatery place.

I ordered my favourite Cold Soba with Tempura, while Baby had Beef Sukiyaki Nabe with Udon. We shared the Gyoza and Yakitoro
I love the Gyzoza to the MAX! The damage was about SGD40+, thanks Baby for the hearty meal!

Korea's #1 probiotics brand, Youguth makes drinking probiotics fun and tasty. The flavored powder probiotics melts in your mouth with no water required!
Youguth Lady Charming Up is power packed with 100 billion probiotics and added Vitamin C & Collagen to boost skin radiance. It helps you boost your digestive system and achieve glowy and healthy skin at the same time. 
With the convenient sachet packaging for easy consumption, all you have to do is simply flick, tear and enjoy! Thanks Youguth Probiotics Team for smooth delivery! 

Bubble tea lovers in Singapore must not miss out on the Gong Cha Crème Brûlée Strawberry Latte. This drink has no coffee in it even though it has the word ‘latte’ in it. I went with 0% sugar, and it still tasted sweet. Oh well, the level of sweetness was perfect for me. Do not give this drink a miss, as it is definitely worth trying! 

I end my post with one of my snack loots from my transit in Hong Kong during my Fukuoka holiday. I love the egg tart flavor so much! 

Lastly, my humble dinner with Baby at Tim Ho Wan which is located at the Aperia Mall, and both Baby and I enjoyed the BBQ meat bun very much!


This latte sounds great!

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