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[opening segment] Chriz Tong at Sundown Festival 2013

The annual Sundown Festival was back on the 16 November 2013 at Marina Promenade for the fifth time, and this year’s edition of Sundown Festival is a truly Asian music festival for all Asian lovers . The Sundown Festival showcased a mixture of rock and pop Asian music acts hailing from 8 different countries. It is a celebration of a diverse range of Asian music and cultures with eight full hours of music, hence this outdoor fest was set to impress.

 Before the headlining acts from the eight Asian countries at night, our home-grown singer, Chriz Tong has an individual singing segment at the Sundown Festival this year too after her sold-out solo concert at the Recital Studio.

 Apart from music, Sundown Festival also showcased some best cultural acts and delicious street food at the Asian Street Food Village.

I was there as early as 4pm to show my support to our local act, Chriz Tong. During her performance, she sang familiar TV theme songs and I was glad to hear that Sundown Festival is …

[product review] Bomb Cosmetics + African Black Soap

Time to reveal my products which I got from Shea, and a BIG THANK YOU to Shea for the products for my indulgence... Cleansing Shower Butter - MINT CHOC CHIP

Here is one of the favorite products from Shea, MINT CHOC CHIP Cleansing Shower Butter. It smells exactly like Mint Choc Chip ice-cream, and it is also my first choice selection for ice-cream. It comes in a tub just like ice-cream but in fact it is a shower gel which is semi–solid form crème butter form...
This shower butter contains rich Shea Butter and it is far superior to most other vegetable butters as it helps to prevent stretch marks and lighten scars marks, it is also contains essential oils which helps to moisturize our skin.
The usage of this product is pretty simple, just use a semi-wet shower sponge and scoop out the crème from the tub. Though the scent is pretty over-powering when you scoop out the crème, but it doesn’t linger on the body after bathing.
This product provides excellent results to keep my skin moisturised an…

[Meet 'n' Greet] MasterChef Australia Contestant - AMINA EL SHAFEI

Lifetime is an entertainment channel which offers high quality dramas, movies and reality shows, and MasterChef Australia is back with all new seasons as well as new contestants. MasterChef Australia Season 5 brings those who have passion and talents from their kitchen at home to the MasterChef kitchen. And now, MasterChef Australia Season 5 is showing on Lifetime Channel on Starhub CH514. I was invited by Lifetime Channel to meet up Amina El Shafei, one of the most-liked contestants in MasterChef Australia Season 4. Amina, a strong contender on MasterChef Australia Season 4, was one of the crowd favorites. She was born in Saudi Arabia before moving to Australia in the late 1980s.
Amina is blessed with a culinary expertise that originates from two different parts of the world – the Middle East and Asia, all thanks to her Egyptian dad and South Korean Mum. Her parents brought the old family recipes and techniques to the table. At 17, Amina decided to honor her Muslim faith by wearing the…