Thursday, November 28, 2019

A mini tour at Bountie Arena

CK and I got the opportunity to attend the 2019 League of Legends World Championship Finals Viewing Party, all thanks to Crane’s invite! The viewing was held at the Bountie Arena, and it was a ‘LIVE’ telecast from Paris. I was pretty surprised by the response of the popularity of E-sports in Singapore. OMG! The turn-out was great, and it was a blast.

Bountie Arena offers a pure gaming experience, a modernised world-class stage, many high specs PCs, various electronic darts boards, 4 VIP gaming rooms for training purposes, a 20-seater classroom for schools, corporations and other parties for their private courses, 1 Coca Cola Console Lounge and an F&B area. This is the perfect place to host corporate parties, Workshops, Media Launch, and many more!

There is a feature wall made out of Tetris shapes patterned of instant noodles packets which is actually meant to be their food menu. One of Singaporean’s favorite instant noodles, Indomie, is the most popular choice among the patrons!

I got to try out their bubble Milk Tea (Bountea) and the dry indomie with luncheon Meat and Taiwanese Sausage. OM! They were my comfort food, and they tasted pretty tasty! 

Bountie Arena is a newly opened esports which is located in the heart of 'One-North'. It is Singapore's first-ever Esports one-stop gaming, lifestyle, and esports venue equipped with top-of-the-line facilities. The retail space is massive, and it offers a holistic experience for gamers — both casual and professional with an aim to be a one-stop facility for training, entertainment, and not to forget theirvarious choices of instant noodles and bubble milk tea.

Bountie Arena is located directly above the One North MRT Station at Connexis, #B1-06/07/08.

What better way to enjoy a gathering than to have a scrumptious yet affordable Mookata meal?! (ala carte starts at only SGD1.80 and buffet at SGD29). Therefore my friends and I went for a dinner gathering at Siam Square Mookata which is located at Downtown East.

The food was rather yummy, and was one of the better ‘Mookata’ meals I’ve tried so far.  The variety of choice is great, and there were many ingredients that were rather unique Truffle corn, cheese dip anyone??

Do head on down if you’re craving for an affordable and absolutely delicious Mookata meal! Nothing beats having a yummy meal with good friends. Thanks for making time to meet up for this dinner. Love you guys!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

[Bober Tea] The Bubble Tea Factory

Alert to all Boba fans, The Bubble Tea Factory, a utopic Insta-wonderland is now happening at *Scape.

Thanks BOBER Tea and Sober by Bober for the invite.

To explain a bit about 'Sober by Bober' - bubble tea live station that answers on queries pertaining to Wedding Bars, Product Launches, Team Building events, Annual Company Parties, Dinner and Dance, or any other parties or functions. Sober by Bober will definitely makes your event experience an extraordinary one!
We had a great time catching up with one another! Do enjoy our random photos that were taken at this event!



Spanning over 7,000 square feet, the whimsical experiential pop-up has 10 multi-sensory rooms, all brimming with cute instagrammable installations. Everything you love about BBT has come to life, upsized! You can soak in all this bubble tea goodness without having to worry about the calories!

Bober Tea is an artisan tea that is focused on providing affordable, high-quality and tasty blends of tea with a gist of local flavour inside.

I redeemed their Bubble Milk Tea, and I loved the high grade bobas!


The Bubble Tea Factory is definitely an immersive, multi-sensory journey for us, as it takes us through an enchanting world of bubble tea! Turn your Boba fantasy into reality at The Bubble Tea Factory till 18 December!!

The Bubble Tea Factory
Date: 19 October to 18 December 2019
Time: Weekdays - 4pm to 10pm; Weekends - 10am to 10pm
Venue: *SCAPE (2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978)
Get your tickets at

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Dessert Museum + Luminous Night Out with SK-II Boutique SPA

I love weekends!!

I started off my date by having the new Mcdonald's limited-time offer Thai Milk Tea Cone Ice-cream! I enjoyed it immensely!

I met up with my gang of girls for a event at a 'Dessert Museum' recently! We immersed ourselves into a world of sweets and desserts! We were delighted by the cheery wonderland-like dessert themed museum, and we loved the colorful donuts, gigantic lollipops, and colourful candy canes.

The Donut Room – We were all ready for a room full of 'Donuts'! You literally slide into the room!!

The Candy Cane Room - Sweet-looking pastel room with giant candy canes.

The room that I favored and was delighted by the most was the Cake Pop Room!

We also took many random photos at the Haagen-Daz (Ice-Cream) room

We definitely enjoyed ourselves very much and we loved every display at the dessert museum. Most importantly, the companionship of the girls was what mattered the most to me!

 Thanks Tracy for extending her invite to me to visit the 'A LUMINOUS NIGHT OUT WITH SK-II BOUTIQUE SPA'.

We were given a walk-through spa tour at The SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus, and we were introduced to their various facilities. We took some random photos together. As always, it is always good to meet up with my close friends!

After the tour, we were led to Anti:dote which was located at the Fairmont Hotel. It is a stylish and modern cocktail bar. 

We indulged ourselves with champagne and delicious canapés while the presentation was being conducted. Thanks SK-II for the kind hospitality!

We bagged home with us a goodies bag full of SK-II products after the event ended. 

After the event, Meryl, CK and I continued our girls’ outing, and we simply just love hanging out with one another despite of the location! As it was Halloween, we decided to use an app on the phone to take pictures of ourselves with Halloween Gear! It was a memorable Halloween!

The CSR team had a random luncheon at a newly opened Japanese restaurant, Aburi En with Boss B. Thanks for the treat! We had a delightful 1-hour lunch with one another! 

I received a facial mask sheet from Meryl. Thanks so much for this little gift! 

Recently, I got a Sailor Moon Luna Cat Shoulder Messenger Bag, and I am going to use this for my upcoming trip to Japan!

Lastly, I end my post of an outing with my Baby at the 'Guinness Great Grill Out 2019' which was being held at the Dempsey Hill area.

We left pretty early, as we have something on at night on the same day. I am surely looking forward for the next edition.