Saturday, June 29, 2019

[product review] The Light Serum by 28Cubed

I was happy to be selected by 'Try and Review' to do a product review of "The Light Serum" by 28Cubed.
The complete Set Includes a Dispenser, Magnetic Stand, Travel Cap, Serum Cartridges.
The Light Serum by ‘28Cubed’ bears a unique formula which targets effective skin solutions. The serum works based on the human’s 28-day rejuvenation cycle. The main task is to combat pigmentations and address the root cause of uneven skin tones in order to create brighter and younger looking skin.


I love the sleek-looking refillable dispenser that makes it easy for meto bring it along with me wherever I go. The texture of serum is lightweight and doesn’t leave any greasy feeling after application. I love this amazing packaging, as it looks stylish, but most importantly, it is eco-friendly. 

I applied it twice a day - once in the morning and once at night continually for 28 days. Now, The Light Serum plays an important role in my part of my skincare regime. 

The result is pretty immediate as I can see a difference within a week of usage. It helps me to improve my overall skin texture, and now my skin feels hydrated and smoother than previously. It is a great and safe product and I highly recommend it! 

Thanks for sending the product over and for the wonderful try out. I do hope my mini review/experience can help to give you guys a better understanding about the product and functions. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

[food review] Jok Jok Mor - Traditional Thai Claypot Porridge

Good news to all foodies who love Thai food/cuisines. There is a newly opened food concept in town which serves traditional Thai claypot porridge. It is named as 'Jok Jok Mor' literally means porridge in a pot in Thai. Jok Jok Mor is a causal Thai eatery place that offer an authentic Thai porridge with a twist!

Jok Jok Mor is located at one of the shophouses along Rangoon Road, where the nearest train station is Farrer Park MRT Station.The eatery place bears a simple layout and it has a second level to accommodate more diners. 

Jok Jok Mor is one of the first Thai establishments to have introduced Thai-style Claypot Porridge to the locals in Singapore. 


 Recently, I got the opportunity to attend the food tasting session at casual Thai restaurant, Jok Jok Mor, all thanks to my blogging mate, Tracy. 

We started off with a refreshing beverage, the unsweetened version of Thai Oishi Green Tea, which is healthier I suppose. 

Time for the tasting!

There are basically 3 types of porridge - Tom Yum (Creamy, Mild Spicy and Tangy Porridge), See Ew Kao (Thai Light Soy Sauce Porridge) and Mak Kum (Distinctive Zingy & Refreshing Porridge). 

Once the porridge was served to our table, we could smell the nice aroma and the presentation looked visually appealing! We couldn’t wait to dig in!

Tom Yum (SGD13.90) served with river prawn, pork ribs, minced pork, egg and broccoli. Needless to say, the prawn went naturally well with the Tom Yum flavors. The fragrance of the Tom Yum herbs offers a new experience of Thai porridge. The Tom Yum flavors enhanced the pork ribs which tasted very delicious!

I love the Tom Yum Porridge the best. It is served piping hot in a claypot with generous ingredients added in it. The porridge is not those silky-smooth, creamy type. It has visible rice grains which is neither too thick nor too watery. If you love Mama instant noodles, just let the friendly servers know, and they will replace the porridge with noodles instead! 

See Ew Kao (SGD8.90) served with pork ribs, minced pork, egg, white radish and broccoli. It was a sweeter version because it contained Thai light soy sauce. The ingredients were pretty much similar to Tom Yum except that the prawns were replaced by white radish. As compared to the Tom Yum Porridge, this version was a little bland to me, as I prefer strong flavors. 

Mak Kum (SGD8.90) was sour but absolutely delicious. The taste perked up my appetite and it was my next favorite after Tom Yum. Generous ingredients were given as usual except, crabmeat sticks were given instead of prawns in the Tom Yum Porridge and white radish in See Ew Kao.

Apart from the claypot porridge, the eatery place also served side dishes, and the prices range from SGD 5.90 to SGD7.90 per plate. I always have a soft spot for Thai Fish Cake ($5.90), and yes, we ordered that to try. This is a staple snack in all Thai restaurants, and it tasted awesome. 

We were also served a snack-platter for our tasting purposes. In our tasting platter, we had Crispy Pork Belly (SGD6.90), Fried Tumeric Chicken Wings (SGD6.90), Otah (SGD7.90), and Fried Sesame Chicken (SGD5.90).

Although the menu is quite limited for now without traditional Thai desserts, I believe it will still be able to satisfy your Thai food craving. I am so happy that I could enjoy a piping hot claypot Tom Yum porridge without needing to buy a ticket to Bangkok.

Jok Jok Mor
129 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218407

Friday, June 21, 2019

Day trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Another long-planned outing to JB with the girls after a long hiatus of 3 years was finally fulfilled on a random weekend. Both Meryl and Sweetie joined RKM for a full day trip worth of shopping, 'makan-ing' and singing!
Upon reaching JB, Malaysia, we settled at our favorite eatery place, Restoran Yit Foh which is located at Taman Century. We never fail to visit this eatery place whenever we drive in to JB. As always, the meal i most look forward to is breakfast, in order to start a brand new day!
Restoran Yit Foh serves very delicious Wanton Noodles, and the egg noodles blended very well with their seasoning sauce. The freshly prepared preserved green chilli is worth a mention too! I love the piping hot soup which has generous portions of wantons the best! My wonderful weekend brekkie was satisfied by a plate of delicious wanton mee and a big sharing bowl of Wanton Soup!

We love shopping in JB, due to our strong currency conversion. Both Sweetie and I got the exact piece of black dress from Padini for only RM29.

We indulged oursleves with some bubble teas from The Alley

Our main agenda for this trip was to satisfy our craving of singing to our heart's contents. We went to our usual place, the 'DeCast Karaoke'. The damage was super affordable as we paid a total of RM80-ish (SGD20+) for 4 people for a 3-hour session of singing and an unlimited flow of drinks. There is no chance the price would be this cheap in Singapore. You couldn't even pay for an hour in Singapore for what I paid here!
We brought the girls to one of our favorite eatery places for dinner. Yes! We re-visited 'Secret Ingredients Chicken Pot' which is located at Taman Mount Austin, as they serve delicious and tasty Chicken Hotpot!

Upon being seated, we ordered the signature Chicken Pot, and ordered a large size for sharing. The Chicken Pot consists of various cuts of fresh chicken meat that is cooked in a delicious black sauce with chillies, and it is served on a burner in a pot akin to the ubiquitous Steamboat. At the eatery, one can also order some additional ingredients to throw into the chicken pot aka steamboat style and we did just that by ordering luncheon meat, tang hoon, hotdogs, as well as an assortment of vegetables and crabsticks! You can choose the level of spiciness for your chicken pot, and we chose the non-spicy version! The damage was super affordable at only RM80 (SGD26+). 
After our meal, we visited HOTCAKE, a dessert shop at Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru! I love the vibes of the cafe, and our fluffy pancake tasted delicious. I will definitely come back again to try other desserts. 

We left JB after our desserts session at around 8+, and we made our way back to SG. We were surprised that there was a slight jam of an hour at the Malaysia side, and no jam on our end in Singapore. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

[HoneyCitySG] Simple dessert fix

HoneyCity is a health food retail store, and is the fastest growing online source for Manuka Honey! They carry to New Zealand UMF® Manuka Honey brands such as Comvita, Kare, Taku and Onuku as well as other health foods such as Australian Chia Seeds to help improve your health and strengthen your immune system.

I am delighted to receive two popular products from them - Comvita UMF 10+ Manuka Honey and HoneyCity Black Chia Seeds

Comvita is the world’s largest manufacturer of premium UMF Manuka Honey, and is produced in New Zealand. You can rest easy with Comvita as their honey is genuine UMF certified manuka honey. 

The Honey is in an unprocessed state, and is a high energy and natural food that is made by Honeybees. There are no additives or preservatives needed to keep the honey fresh! It also contains vitamins and mineral traces that are vital to life!

The Manuka trees are one of the finest types of evergreen trees that are native to New Zealand. As it is such a unique natural resource, there are only ever limited stocks of UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) Manuka Honey produced every year. Manuka Honey has anti-bacterial properties that are not found in forms of honey. A daily dosage of honey ensures a good supply of necessary nutrients to one's body, as well as providing instant energy.

The higher the UMF level, the high level of anti-bacterial benefits it contains.

0-4: Not detectable
5-9: Maintenance
Level 10-14: Suitable for most therapeutic purposes
15 and above: Superior level of UMF anti-bacterial activity and excellent for therapeutic purposes.

Manuka Honey has gained worldwide recognition for its unique health benefits to support the immune system and help fight off colds and coughs. It is a vital component of any serious wellness regime. 

Although Manuka Honey is quite pricey, its antibacterial properties in aiding to heal wounds and burns, digestion, and keeping skin smooth more than make up for the price.

Manuka Honey looks like liquid gold. No doubt, it is more expensive than the regular honey but this is one of the cases where you get what you pay for. It is worth absolutely every dollar spent!  

Manuka Honey is very strong, sweet and thick, and I love the texture of the organic and raw honey. So far, I am noticing some improvement in my complexion and digestion. The honey tastes AWESOME!! I take one teaspoon of Manuka Honey every night for general health benefits on a regular basis.

**Do not drink anything right after Manuka Honey intake.**

Chia Seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help to raise HDL cholesterol, the good cholesterol that helps protect against heart attack and stroke. Chia seeds are also rich in antioxidants and full of fibre and minerals. That’s why Chia seeds are regarded as a superfood!

Chia Seeds have wide-reaching health benefits, including reduced blood pressursstability for blood sugars and weight loss functions.

If you are a tea lover, you can add a small amount of Chia Seeds in the tea. You can also add some into your smoothies, juice, milk or oatmeal for extra protein and a creamier texture.

I self-prepared a 'Chia Seeds with Milk' Dessert  for breakfast recently. I added a teaspoon of the Manuka Honey as a sweetener, and topped it off with raspberries and baked cashew nuts!

A healthy way to have a perfect drink is to add Chia seeds into your diet, as these seeds have natural sugars that combine with the fat and protein of the seeds. It will hold your hunger over for hours.

Thank you Honey City SG for sending over the products. I will share on more healthy breakfast recipes when I can!