Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Welcoming the Year of the Pig (2019)

I had a simple yet harmonious reunion dinner on the eve of CNY at the Joyden Canton Restaurant, which is located at Hillv2 with Mum V, Baby Hubby, Bro Kenneth and his wifey.
The damage was around SGD600+ for a 7-course dinner, which included Yu Sheng, assorted Chinese dishes of vegetables, seafood, and an awesome 'Black Pepper Lobster'!!
I picked up a red blouse from Cotton On for the 1st Day of CNY! My LOTD! 
As usual, on the first day of CNY Baby followed my side of the family to visit my big aunt whom is my Dad's Eldest Sister. She is staying at Tampines, and we had our lunch at her place. After that, we headed down to Toa Payoh to visit my Godma, whom is also my mom's elder sister. She prepared an amazing dinner for us!
On the second day of CNY, Mum V prepared Braised Pork Bun (Kong Bak Bao) for brekkie. I picked up a pair of earrings from Lovisa for only SGD5. My LOTD on the second day of CNY!

Baby drove to Commonwealth Drive which is my cousin's place to join my family for home-visiting. We spent our whole afternoon playing BlackJack, and we headed back to Woodlands for a home-cooked dinner with Mum V. 
A CNY weekend getaway to KL is always a relief to me, especially after 2 days of stressful work following the CNY celebrations. We drove up on a Saturday Morning at 6am, and we reached KL by 10+. Mum V read about an eatery place which is located at Plaza Arkadia. The eatery place is called Le Coco. We settled for our breakfast there! 
For my  LOTD, I used the 16Brand - Brickit Shadow Kit Hit10 - Choco to create my natural eye-make up look! 
We took a Cousins’ group photo before meeting Daddy M at 1-Utama for our yearly CNY gathering.
We went for a 'Lo Hei' session cum CNY lunch at Dragon-I with Daddy M and his relatives. Thanks so much for the lovely meal, and we will be back again to visit Daddy M to enjoy more nice food at Subang Jaya.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

[Althea Exclusives] Althea makeup Box

Althea Korea has recently launched some products under their Althea Exclusive Series. Any beauty product addicts, such as myself, will definitely find them intriguing! I've previously tried their skincare line, but now I shall try their makeup series!

Last month, Althea sent over a generous parcel, their first ever Althea Exclusives Makeup Box Collection!

It came in a Limited Edition Althea box, which had a traditional Hanbok Box Design. I was overjoyed when I opened up my parcel and was greeted by concealers, eye gitters, lip tints, skin relief spot gel and a super pretty eye palette.

For the purpose of this review, I tested the following beauty items from Althea Exclusives’ makeup collection

Without any further ado, let’s kick-off with the gorgeous Sunrise & Moonrise eyes palette. This is Althea's second collaboration with a celebrity, after their December launch, TITI X ALTHEA - Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist. 

The Sunrise & Moonrise Eye Palette is a collaboration between Althea Korea and Bunga Citra Lestari, also known as BCL, who is an Indonesian singer and actress. Inspired by her iconic style and glamor look, they released the 'Sunrise & Moonrise eyes palette (SGD46).

I used #3-Metallic Rose Gold with pink undertones and mixed it with #8-Cool Purple hue which end result gave me a subtle shimmer on my double eye-lids. I then applied the #4-Metallic Gold hue on the upper lid to give an extra booster of shimmer and radiance to my entire eye makeup. 


I don’t usually apply glitters on my eyes, but it doesn’t mean I am new to this. The reason I don't use glitters that often is because I've encountered some bad experiences. However, I shall make an exception this time as Althea's Spotlight Eye Glitter (SGD8) looks very pretty! Thankfully I did, as it allowed me to have a new view of eye glitter! If you love glitters, then you'll love you’ll love Althea’s Spotlight Eye Glitter.

It comes in a precise Brush for eyeliner with 2 shades available - Gold Light and Pink Light. As claimed by Althea Korea’s website, it can be used as an eyeshadow too, all thanks to the hydrating formula that glides like butter over the lids and allows for easy blending.

I applied a dab of 'Pink Light' on my lower eyelid to add a subtle touch of shimmer. Do note that the eye glitter dries very quickly to a long-lasting, budge-proof finish, so if you need to, blend it quickly!

Althea's Flawless Creamy Concealer was just that. Flawless! It contains high pigmentation and is an easy to blend concealer that moisturises and effectively helps in concealing imperfections at the same time. It contains Aquaxyl, which creates a moisture barrier on the skin and prevents dehydration. It comes in #01-Vanilla, #02-Ginger, #03-Honey and #04-Mocha.

I used the concealer (#02-Ginger) to conceal my dark circles and dark spots on my face. I was amazed by the results, as it offers great coverage.

Althea Watercolor Cream Tints (SGD7) come in the 4 shades #01-Plum Cream, #02-Strawberry Cream, #03-Peach Cream and #04-Marron Cream. I always go for red and coral shades for lips, but this time, the Marron Cream caught my attention! What I love about these Watercolor Cream Tints is that it is highly pigmented, and they contain hyaluronic acid to prevent chapped lips from flaking. 

I finished off my look with my favorite lip tint (#04-Marron Cream). I applied a thin layer of the product on my bottom lip before spreading it out evenly using a lip brush. It helped to control the amount and intensity of the product used on my lip. I love it very much as the shade was beautiful and enhanced my complexion. It is a long wearing and hydrating lip tint. I love the glossy sheen, and it is super convenient and handy to carry it along it with you wherever you go for an easy touch up! In my own opinion, it is definitely worth every single penny!

These are the products I used to create my look! 

Apart from the makeup collection, Althea Korea also sent a Skin Relief Spot Film Gel (SGD6) for us to apply on zits before any makeup application! If you have acne prone skin, and you are afraid to aggravate your acne during makeup application, then the Skin Relief Spot Film Gel is the answer to your woes! It creates a thin layer of film to heal and soothe acne at the same time.

The transparent pimple gel contains three essential ingredients:

1) Tea Tree Oil - Contains antibacterial properties to treat spots
2) Centella Asiatica Extract - Soothes redness and strengths the skin
3) Pine Leaf Extract - Rich in antioxidants to repair and calm down irritations.

I am totally into the products by Althea Exclusives very much, and I do have a soft spot for them. They are definitely worth a mention.

If you're interested to check out Althea's makeup range, or want to look for more information, do visit Althea Official Website.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Long planned JB's day trip

A long-planned outing with my 2 colleagues to JB was finally fulfilled on a random Saturday. Both Suni and Ivy joined RKM to JB, as we were planning to purchase our snorkeling related items for our Honolulu/Hawaii trip.
Upon reaching JB, Malaysia, we settled at our favorite eatery place, Restoran Yit Foh which is located at Taman Century. Our wonderful weekend brekkie was satisfied by a plate of delicious Wanton Mee and a big sharing Bowl of Wanton Soup! I love the QQ noodles which tasted awesomely good. We have never failed to visit this place whenever we drive in... It has been established in Johor Bahru for more than 30 years.
Prior to our singing activities, we visited Aboong, a dessert shop at Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru! Before entering the eatery place, I went to try my luck on the claw machine outside the shop, as one of the machines were offering Ivy’s favorite Disney character, Stitch. I caught it after the 2nd attempt (RM1 per try), and I gave it to her. Naturally, she was overjoyed. I love this feeling of accomplishment!

We enjoyed the desserts very much, and this eatery place is definitely one of my must-visit places whenever I am in JB. 

  Our main agenda for this trip was to satisfy our craving of singing to our heart's contents. We went to our usual place, the 'DeCast Karaoke'. The damage was super affordable as we paid a total of RM60-ish (SGD20+) for 4 people for a 3-hour session of singing + and an unlimited flow of drinks. We were stunned by the amount each of us had to pay, as there is no chance the price would be this cheap in Singapore. You couldn't even pay for an hour in Singapore for what I paid here!
Suni has been bugging me to bring her here ever since, we read my blog which I had mentioned coming here on my previous trip. After that, we headed down to another one of our favorite eatery places for dinner. Yes! We re-visited 'Chicken Pot' which is located at Taman Mount Austin, as they serve delicious and tasty Chicken Hotpot!

Upon being seated, we ordered the signature Chicken Pot, and requested for the large sized version. The small version is meant for 1 person. The Chicken Pot consists of various cuts of fresh chicken meat that is cooked in a delicious black sauce with chillies, and it is served on a burner in a pot akin to the ubiquitous Steamboat. At the eatery, one can also order some additional ingredients to 'throw into the chicken pot aka steamboat style and we did just that by ordering luncheon meat, tang hoon, meatballs, hotdogs, as well as an assortment of mushrooms/vegetables and crabsticks! I felt that the luncheon meat gave it an extra flavor! You can choose the level of spiciness for your chicken pot, and we chose the non-spicy version! We were delighted when we were told that the dinner was on their account. Thanks girls for the meal! 
We left JB after our dinner session at 8pm, and we made our way back to SG. We were surprised that there is no jam at all at the Malaysia side, and only light jam on our end in Singapore. 
Lastly, thanks for the birthday gift, girls. Though I received it before my birthday, I only managed to have time to unwrap the present after my birthday. Nevertheless, I opened the gift within the birthday month (January) It was a lovely gift and I really like it! 


Saturday, February 16, 2019

[RANDOM] I LOVE my friends!

I entered the world of blogging way back in 2010, and it has been a great experience for me. During my blogging journey, I had the fortune to meet other fellow bloggers who have all since become my close good friends/buddies!

Since the first week of January 2019, I've started to make an effort to meet up with my friends individually for a meal. As I'm going to be away overseas shortly for my birthday, I met up with Meryl recently for dinner, who was kind enough to meet me after she just completed a flight back from her stewardess duties. Thanks for meeting me! We had some photo-taking together at the 'Wizarding World of Harry Potter', which I will talk about in my next blog entry.

We settled at Paradise Dynasty and we had a nice dinner together. Thanks for the meal, Babe. I am delighted to meet you at a random food tasting way back in 2014. We shall create more lovely memories.

I am delighted to have met you at a random food tasting session way back in 2014. We will defo have more lovely memories together!! We each picked up a GRYFFINDOR 2-in-1 neck travelling pillow, which will naturally be useful for my upcoming holiday trip!

Another meetup I had was with the lovely Tracy, at the Tyhoon Cafe at Plaza Singapura. We had a great 2-hour get together over the meal. Thanks for the gift!! I do thank god that our paths crossed with each other over 7+ years ago! Thanks for being there, always! 

 My meet-up continues.... Linda and I arranged for a dinner date at Harry’s, the outlet located at Harbourfront Centre. We shared a Truffled mushroom pizza, beer-battered fish & chips, as well as laksa popcorn chicken. We enjoyed each other’s companionship, and if I’m not wrong, this year marks our 10th year as friends! Thanks for hanging out with me, and I appreciate that you never forget about my birthday every year with a gift! 

Thanks chewy for the lovely hand-phone case! It comes so handy, as I had just changed my phone during the last week of December 2018. Thanks for being so considerate, as your kind gesture touched my heart! 

Recently, I got my hair colored at 'Naoki Yoshihara by Ash' which Is located at Liang Court. I was introduced to this place by the 'J Passport', an informative website, which I obtained a promo code! I only paid SGD166 for a 'Director' level service session, which included my hair coloring, treatment and trimming! 

After my hair session, Baby came down to meet me for dinner at Liang Court, and we had Japanese food at the basement level. We were pretty surprised by the quality of the food, as it tasted pretty delicious. It was pretty affordable, and we will definitely come back for a meal soon! 

My perfect weekend is to spend quality time with my Baby! 

Starbucks is our favorite haunt for afternoon tea, so we always end up spending our RKMoments there. Nothing beats having our Tea and Bagel with Cheese Cream. Oh well, life's good and blessed! 

Check out this unique and novel pair of 'Fish in Bags' drop/dangle earrings which Mom Vi gave to me! This is one of the earrings given by mom for x'mas to me! The fish in plastic bag charms are highly detailed & so adorable! 

Mom Vi also get me a pair of earrings featured Starbucks drink, and I love it so so much. Thanks Mom Vi for looking out for these unique earrings for me! 

I end my post with my dinner at Dynasty Paradise which is newly opened at Wisma Atria. This was my perfect way to end my Fri-date with Baby after a week of hard work!