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[food tasting] Hee Kee Desserts

Hee Kee which means 'treasuring happiness' in Cantonese is located at Jurong Point Mall, and it delivers Hong Kong dessert to all 'tong shui' (literally translated from Cantonese as 'sugar water') lovers.

Hee Kee Desserts is an original store conceptualized by the team behind the popular bubble tea franchise, Sharetea. The menu selection bears an essence of innovation while maintaining and being mindful of traditional values. Hee Kee Desserts brings their all-time favorite Hong Kong desserts with a local twist.
Hee Kee Desserts offers a delectable spread of 80 desserts, with a large range of traditional desserts, there are 6 MUST-TRY desserts in the house.

Traditional Steamed Milk Pudding (SGD3.50) is available in hot or chilled, and is a great dessert for those who are craving for a light yet creamy and delicious dessert.
The Steamed Milk Pudding tasted good, and the texture is soft and smooth. With every bite, it burst with flavor and fragrance. IMHO, it is on …

[Escape Hunt] Task accomplished!

Feeling bored on the weekends? Movie theatres and shopping malls are too crowded with people, and you want some quality time with your loved ones and friends? Why not try out the latest trend in Singapore, the 'Escape Game'?

Popular Bangkok escape room game, Escape Hunt has opened a branch in Singapore at the Concorde Hotel Shopping Arcade. Each game room has a pair of mirror rooms that is meant for 2-5 players and each set of game is 60 minutes.

Escape Hunt is a escape game room where we were put into the role of Sherlock Holmes-like detectives, and our task were to gather clues, hints and solve puzzles and the ultimate mystery in order to escape from the room.

Upon entering the Escape Hunt, we were greeted by a vintage and victorian ambience like setting, and the 'Game Masters', who are in the Escape Hunt uniforms approached us to brief us about the rules and regulations of the game. They are also the key people who oversee the player's team throughout the whole mys…

[product review] Rosette Cleansing Paste (HAKUDEI LIFT) with White Clay + Tarte, Amazonia 12-hr Blush

During my recent trip to Japan, I picked up a lot of skincare products and beauty cosmetics from Ainz & Tulpe which is located at Shibuya and Matsumoto Kiyoshi, a great place for beauty junkies. Matsumoto Kiyoshi is one of the biggest drugstore chains in Tokyo.
In general, they are cheaper to purchase in Japan than in Singapore, mainly because of the origin of the products, as well as the exchange rate, which undoubtedly plays an important role. The product that I want to share my experience on is the Rosette Cleansing Paste (HAKUDEI LIFT) with White Clay. It contains Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Collagen which leaves the skin moist and elastic.
The white clay absorbs the excess sebum and removes dead skin cells. It did an excellent cleansing job as it removes basic make-up thoroughly without an additional step needed.
This tube cost me around SGD4 and it is free from colorants and mineral oils. Though it claims that it is suitable for all skin types, I still personally think that it is…

4th Edition of Art Apart Fair 2014

A hotel-based boutique art fair, Art Apart Fair made its debut in Singapore in January 2013, and after 3 successful run, the 4th Edition of Art Apart Fair was held at PARKROYAL on Pickering.

The art theme was 'Introduction to Russian Contemporary Art'

I was glad that I had RSVP and secured my tickets on the last day of the exhibition, and had the pleasure to be able to view many awesome art pieces all thanks to Vinci Arts.

The whole 14th floor of PARKROYAL on Pickering Hotel was converted to be a large art gallery using the hotel rooms. The art fair featured more than 1500 artworks by artists from around the world.

I look forward to the 5th Edition of Art Apart!!