Tuesday, July 22, 2014

IKEA Meatball Cup 2014

I believe most of us love meatballs from Swedish renowned one-stop furniture and household, IKEA. If there is a chance to eat free meatballs, I bet everybody will seize this rare opportunity. Oh well, one of Baby's good friends, Sean Padman joined the inaugural IKEA Meatball Cup 2014 which was organized by HOT91.3FM and of course IKEA, themselves.

 We went down to IKEA Tampines to cheer for him as he made it to the finals. The winner walked away with an IKEA Gift Card worth SGD500 and a Meatball Cup Trophy!!

To win the IKEA Meatball Cup, contestants had to finish 25 meatballs in 90 seconds!

He didn't make it to the top 3, but nevertheless, he tried his best and we are still proud of him that he pull through the heats and got into the finals.

Apart from the actual Meatball Cup competition, there were some trivial eating meatballs challenges for the public as well.

Baby joined the mini contest, and as per the game rule, he had to eat 10 meatballs in 90 seconds! He only ate 8 meatballs, and he was awarded the IKEA Gift Card worth SGD10!

  We had fun there! To feel our experience at the IKEA Meatball Cup 2014, I enclosed a video clip from HOT91.3FM. Thanks for reading! 

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