Wednesday, July 30, 2014

[Escape Hunt] Task accomplished!

Feeling bored on the weekends? Movie theatres and shopping malls are too crowded with people, and you want some quality time with your loved ones and friends? Why not try out the latest trend in Singapore, the 'Escape Game'?

Popular Bangkok escape room game, Escape Hunt has opened a branch in Singapore at the Concorde Hotel Shopping Arcade. Each game room has a pair of mirror rooms that is meant for 2-5 players and each set of game is 60 minutes.

Escape Hunt is a escape game room where we were put into the role of Sherlock Holmes-like detectives, and our task were to gather clues, hints and solve puzzles and the ultimate mystery in order to escape from the room.

Upon entering the Escape Hunt, we were greeted by a vintage and victorian ambience like setting, and the 'Game Masters', who are in the Escape Hunt uniforms approached us to brief us about the rules and regulations of the game. They are also the key people who oversee the player's team throughout the whole mystery solving game. For instance, if you need help or are in trouble, we can buzz the game master for clues or help, but do bear in mind that every clue will cost 1 minute.

We kept our belongings which include our mobile phones in the lockers before entering the room.

When we entered the room, it was kinda dark which creeped us out, till the game master switched on the light for us LOL! We spent the first few minutes ransacking the whole room for clues, till we found the first key to the one of the locks. We finally settled down and began thinking rationally with all the clues and puzzles that we had found so far, and started to match them up for more secret codes to unlock the numeric locks that were located throughout the room.There was a white-board in the room for us to write down important clues and do calculation for secret hints.

It was fun and at the same time, we couldn't help but feel pressure as the timer kept reminding us not to take too much time to solve each clue. I felt a sense of satisfaction when we managed to unlock a lock! I was shocked and surprised that for each lock we opened, it led us to another room.
The interior of the room set up the mood of the crime scene, and we took about 45 minutes to complete our task and YES! We ESCAPED. We managed to escape within time all thanks to our sweet game master who gave us small clues and hints here and there.
This game really made us think deeply and urged us to use our initiative and work as a team to achieve our common goal.

Imho, I feel that the time spent at the Escape Hunt solving the mystery is more worthwhile than catching movies or shopping. Oh well, I have to say who ever came out with this escape game is a genius with excellent high IQ.

After we left the room, we took some pictures with the props and costumes in the living room area, We had fun posing as Sherlock Holmes.

I have the chance to experience the detective/CSI game which offers by Escape Hunt all thanks to sweetie who extended her invite to me.

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