Thursday, July 10, 2014

[Food tasting] Hai Yan BBQ Seafood @ Newton Food Centre

Hai Yan BBQ Seafood is located at Newton Food Centre, and the affordable seafood charges make it more tempting to indulge in this wonderful local gem. I was glad to be there to sample some signature dishes from Hai Yan BBQ Seafood.

We met up with the owner of Hai Yan BBQ Seafood, and the family of 3 posed in front of the stall, and I managed to get a family portrait of them. Pardon me, as they looked kinda dark in the photo.  

My food tasting started off with Baby Kailan ($6/$8/$12), and tasted super! I enjoyed the stir-fried greens with garlic and oyster sauce very much.
Salted Egg Chicken ($15/$20/$25) was a pretty daring creation, but it turns out very well. Each deep fried chicken chunk tasted amazing. I simply love the slightly sweet taste of the salted egg gravy.

What followed up was Sambal Sotong ($12/$15/$20), and the taste was enhanced by sambal sauce which is pleasantly spicy and tasted sweet at the same time. I love the texture of the sotong as it was perfectly cooked. The impression of my first bite was crunchy soft and juicy. One point to add on, the level of the spiciness can be selected upon ordering.

Chilli Lala ($12/$15/$20) was my clincher of the night, they tasted sweet in general, but with the chilli gravy, they tasted even better. Who can resist the chilli gravy that was used for Chilli Crab? I adored this dish very much.

Grilled Garlic King Prawns ($8/100g) and the whole dish looked garlicky as the prawns were generously topped by garlic. It tasted pretty decent as a whole though the prawns were done on a taut-ish side.

Cindy, who invited me for the food tasting session was so sweet as she helped to de-shelled the prawns for us. I can see the freshness of the prawns as she peeled out the prawn effortlessly from the shell.
I love their homemade sauce very much...
Next up was the Sambal Stingray ($12/$15/$20), and it is one of the iconic hawker food dishes in Singapore.

To savor it to the fullest, all you have to do is to squeeze the lime around the sambal stingray, and eat it with the homemade 'haybihiam' chilli paste. During the food tasting session, everybody simply couldn't resist the mouth-watering Sambal Stingray.

Lastly but not least, King of Seafood is gotta be Black Pepper Crab ($5/100g), and it is a MUST-TRY in Singapore apart from Chilli Crab. Chilli Crab is general sweet while Black Pepper Crab is more towards to the salty side, but surprising, the chef controlled the saltiness pretty well, and it is not over-powering at all. The black pepper will gradually numb our mouth that will leave one craving for more.

Thanks Hai Yan BBQ Seafood and Cindy for having me at the food tasting session, I had a pleasurable dining experience with the fellow bloggers. Do drop by Hai Yan BBQ Seafood for an authentic and affordable seafood indulgence.  
Hai Yan BBQ Seafood
Newton Food Centre
(S) 229495
Contact: 94586293 and do 'LIKE' them on facebook too!


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