Monday, July 7, 2014

Oops! Cafe-hopping again....

My journey of cafe-hopping continues, and this time round, I visited L'etoile Cafe which is located at Owen Road. It is a gem along Farrer Park, as it bears a nice environment with comfortable seats, and it also offers free wi-fi for patrons along with friendly service as well as decent prices for the selection of food and drinks. It is a place for everyone who loves cafe-hopping.

We ordered a pot of Nymph of the Nile tea from GRYPHON Tea Selection, as both of us are tea lovers.

Baby had the Double Chocolate Chiffon Cake, and it looked amazing yet taste good as well. The cake is soft and moist and the sweetness is just perfect.

I had the Matcha Azuki Chiffon Cake (in short Green Tea Cake), oh well, it was kinda disappointing as the cake texture was pretty dry and the fragrance of the Matcha (green tea) was mild too. 

The damage was SGD22-ish with service charge included. 

I re-visited WOODSHED which is located at Rangoon Road as I miss their waffle with ice-cream very much. This time, my brother, Henry and his wife, Karen joined us there too… We had a nice homely chat at WOODSHED as the café gives a homely and peaceful feeling. 

Baby introduced me to a Japanese Buffet Restaurant, Kensai Kitchen which is located at Liang Court, and its concept is similar to Hifumi Japanese Restaurant. By ordering any one meal course order, we can enjoy more than 14 authentic dishes and free-flow drinks which include tea, coffee and juices at the drink counter.

Baby and I both ordered a main course for ourselves, and we had a hearty dinner at Kensai Kitchen.

Have a date with the boys, Andrew and Terence for dinner, and we went to Miam Miam, Bugis Junction, as I preferred the food quality and servings in Bugis Junction as compared to Westgate. I ordered the signature Miam Miam Spaghetti with generous portion and ingredients. Miam Miam Spaghetti lives up her name as a signature dish in Miam Miam, as it tasted pretty.

Clarissa, ChewyJas, Sweetie and I had a date for a local play, RAW: The Boy Inside by Wang Lian Sheng which took place at Theatre Studio, Esplanade. It was a 2-day programme and I was glad that Clarissa has secured the tickets for us on the first day of the play.
It was nice gesture from Clarissa as it gave us an opportunity to meet up again with one another. Nice catch up and I look forward for our next meeting!
Happy Weekend with my loots and gift!

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