Friday, July 18, 2014

Tasty quick bites from CP FOODS

Recently, I received a hamper from CP Foods, and I was surprised that there are so many different types of food available under this brand. Sorry, and please pardon me. I always thought that they only have Shrimp Wonton!

I am quite impressed with CP Foods’ extensive offerings. Nowadays, many families in Singapore do not have to time to cook and they normally choose to eat outside, so the wide variety of food products offered by CP Foods make a difference for them as they can savor them at home. It is definitely a good way for family bonding and quality time spent with one another. It saves a lot of time for working mothers to prepare a delicious dinner for the family, as all the packed-food by CP Foods are ready to eat which only requires simple heating up using a microwave.

Apart from the Italian-style sausages and frankfurters, CP Foods also offers Japanese Shoyu Sausages which are packed in a microwave bag for hassle free indulgence. It was indeed a delightful treat!

CP Foods offers the ideal solution to battle late night hungers, with a whopping 10 newly-launched offerings, the wide range of cold cuts delivers convenience and good taste. CP Foods’ Cold Cuts are specially packed in microwave bags to maintain its nutritional value and quality. They help to ease the time needed in food preparation. 

My favorite quick bite(s) from CP Foods are CP Chilli Bologna, as it really spices up my appetite as it contains a mixture of chili and black pepper. If I have an urge to savor BBQ flavored food, I will go for CP Chicken Vienna instead, as each bite of the smooth textured sausages is wonderful and juicy, and it bears a tantalizingly smoky flavor that leaves me asking for more.

Let me introduce the 10 new food products from CP Foods.

CP Chili Bologna (RSP: SGD2.20)
CP Chili Bologna contains high quality spices and fresh chili peppers which bears the right balance amount of spiciness for a tantalizing taste.

CP Smoked Chicken Cocktail (RSP: SGD2.35)
Bite-sized sausages that are perfect to go as a side dish during meals, and CP Smoked Chicken Cocktail is an all-time favorite choice for children.

CP Pizza Cocktail (RSP: SGD2.35)
CP Pizza Cocktail sausages are marinated with good quality Italian spices and cheddar cheese, which gives us an extra taste of enjoyment.

CP Jumbo Bologna (RSP: SGD2.35)
Mixed with fine quality Chicken meat, and CP Jumbo Bologna has a great taste and texture with every mouthful.

CP Cheese Sausage (RSP: SGD2.20)
CP Cheese Sausage is stuffed with rich cheddar cheese, and with every bite of the sausage oozes out a tangy goodness.

CP Smoked Chicken Frankfurter (RSP: SGD2.20)
CP Smoked Chicken Frankfurter comes in a smooth and firm texture with a subtle of smoky flavor that can be enjoy on its own or savored with other dishes. 

CP Chicken Vienna (RSP: SGD2.20)
CP Chicken Vienna is marinated in aromatic spices, and CP Chicken Vienna sausages contain a hint of smoky fragrance and scrumptious taste. 

CP Chicken Sandwich (RSP: SGD2.20)
Made from fresh chicken meat, CP Chicken Sandwich is tasty and fuss-free choice to fix sudden hunger in the middle of the night.

CP Shoyu Sausage (RSP: SGD3.60)
The chunky Japanese-style sausages are made from top quality ingredients, and marinated with traditional Japanese soy sauce Shoyu for an authentic Japanese flavor.

CP Japanese Classic Pork Sausage (RSP: SGD3.60)
CP Japanese Classic Pork Sausage is seasoned with ginger and white pepper, and each sausage is mouth-wateringly delicious.  

Good news for food lovers, as CP Foods is running a CP Creative Challenge – Get Creative with CP Food! on their facebook.

To participate, simply upload a photo of your delicious CP Creative Challenge Food Art by using CP Foods products on the CP Singapore official Facebook page, and you could be one of the winners to walk away with cash prizes worth up to $1,000 and CP Food hampers.  
To submit or to vote, they can visit the following links:

(For Desktop/Laptop)
(For Mobile/Tablet)
 This contest is open to all Singapore citizens and residents of Singapore, age 18 years of age and above. The closing date for the contest is on 25 July 2014 at 4pm.

 The winning criteria are based on: Total number of fan votes (70%) and CP Panel Judgement (30%) will be judge by the Originality, Presentation and Creativity
The prizes are Grand Prize – SGD500 cash prize and CP Foods Hamper worth SGD200, Second Prize – SGD 300 cash prize and CP Foods Hamper worth SGD100 , Third Prize – SGD200 cash prize and CP Foods Hamper worth SGD100 and 5 Consolation Prizes – CP Foods Hamper each worth SGD50.

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