Saturday, July 26, 2014

All new Asian Kitchen at MEDZS Millenia Walk

MEDZS has always been well known for its unique Mediterranean cuisine and of course the ever popular Rainbow Cake! I was surprised to find out that they have recently launched Asian Kitchen Selections. The reason for the addiction of Asian flavors is to complete the whole dining experience of East and the West under one roof.

I was glad to attend the food tasting of the newly launched Asian menu at MEDZS, Millenia Walk. We started our dinner with Truffle Fries and a glass of Melon Tea, a refreshing and healthy drink.

We were introduced to some Chef’s Recommendations such as Braised Tiger Prawns in Superior Pumpkin Broth, Wok Fried Chilli Flower Crab and Seafood Mee Goreng.

The Asian menu kicked off with an interesting bite/snack, Crispy Fish Skin with Superior Broth (SGD7.90). After dipping the fish skin in the broth, it enhanced the taste better. I did try out this dish at some Chinese restaurants before and MEDZS did it pretty well and tasty too.

Braised Tiger Prawns in Superior Pumpkin Broth (SGD18.90) tasted awesome, and the prawns were super fresh and the meat is sweet too. With the pumpkin broth, it brings out the best of this dish. The golden mantou tasted better after dipping it with the sweet pumpkin broth.

If you are a crab lover but are pretty concerned about the budget, you can opt for Wok Fried Chilli Flower Crab (SGD23.90). In MEDZS, they work out the budget yet offer the best indulgence for diners.

Flower crabs in general are way smaller than Sri Lankan crabs but the flesh is sweeter and smoother. The chilli gravy is spicy yet rich in flavor. With the price tag, it is definitely a good deal!

Seafood Mee Goreng (SGD12.90) is my favorite dish of the night. It makes a good choice as the main dish as I love the spicy feeling that kicked my taste-buds.

‘Kampung Style’ Seafood Fried Rice is a comfort dish for diners to load up on their carbohydrates and at the same time enjoying the potpourri of seafood.

MEDZS offers up Chinese set menus to cater to older folks, who prefer traditional 'Rice and Soup' dishes. The set meal features classic Roasted Crispy Chicken which is served with fragrant rice, Salad tossed with Japanese Sesame and Soup of the Day.

Apart from the Roasted Crispy Chicken Set Meal, we had Braised Beef Brisket Set Meal too. I prefer the beef to chicken but I prefer my beef to be grilled than braised.

We rounded up our food tasting with some desserts, and we had Earl Grey Brulee. It still tasted as good as gold.

We had the MEDZS Signature Rainbow Cake (SGD6.90), the colors are more pastels as compared to other cafes. The cake is soft and fluffy, and remember not to leave MEDZS without having this famous cake.

We also had Brownie with Ice-cream, and it tasted perfect. The warm and rich brownie ended my day at MEDZS, Millenia Walk.

The Asian Kitchen at MEDZS is currently only available at Millenia Walk outlet, and it is quite a pleasant addiction. Do head down MEDZS, Millenia Walk for some yummy Asian delights.

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