Thursday, January 31, 2013

[Product Review] BRAND'S InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence Strip

Forgo your vanity trove as you can become beautiful in just ONE STEP!!
BRAND'S InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence Strip is a new beauty treat as it is compact in calories and size. It is a definitely a delightful and innovative way to feed your skin from within.
Collagen is a fiber in the connective tissue throughout our bodies, most noticeably in the face. As we age, the production of collagen in our bodies naturally decreases and this leads to facial sagging and wrinkles. Another important consequence of urban living is the high levels of free radicals that our skin is exposed to on a daily basis. This can damage the skin as well as result in the destruction of collagen.
It also contains premium Kyoho grape juice that gives it a delicious taste. Using a breakthrough technology from Japan, all ingredients are transformed into a convenient and tasty jelly format which can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.
This supplement is perfect for young, urban, beauty-conscious trend seekers who desire for a delicious and fuss-free beauty boost.  
Each slim and light strip contains a guilt-free 12kcal and weighs a negligible 10g.  
One strip a day helps to improve skin health and provides growth and repair of skin cells, and most importantly protects the skin from aging. 
Being a working adult, I need to cope between working and personal time and now this fuss free skin supplement comes at the right time, so I can still look good despite being busy and having a hectic lifestyle. It is a great and lovely indulgence anytime and anyplace!! I will re-purchase it as I really love this product and I will ensure that I have it wherever I go... I believe that it will help to achieve smoother and younger skin in a long run...
BRAND'S InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence Strip is sold exclusively at all Watsons personal care stores nationwide. The retail price is SGD30 for a pack of 10 stripsFor more information, please visit

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jess Baby's birthday week

My best pal at work, Joyce aka Dearie gave me a lunch treat at Bakerzin as to celebrate my birthday. I had Ham and Bacon Aglio Olio Penne and each main course comes along a bowl of Pumpkin Soup.
I love the pasta serves in Bakerzin, they tasted delicious…

Apart from the lunch treat, Dearie got me a gift too… *hugsssss*

I love the ‘bling bling’ bangle loads. It looks classy when I'm wearing it on my wrist and it simply looks perfect on a date or going to ‘atas’ events… Thanks Dearie!!  

Recently, I went to Holland Village for dinner on a random weekend... I settled at one of my favorite food haunts, Yee Cheong Yuen Noodles Restaurant. The eatery place is famous for their Hor Fun, which is really smooth and tasty...

I had Prawn Dumpling Soup, and it tasted pretty normal and nothing to shout about. The soup was kinda pricey as the portion was small (around 5-6 dumplings)

I ordered the Chicken Feet Hor Fun, and I love the thick black sauce. The damage was pretty decent.

Everybody knows that I am a tea lover and my lil’ sista, Linda included a box of Jasmine tea as one of the items for my birthday gift goodies. (I received 4 items from her!!)

YAY!! Thanks so much, I love it loads!!

Ending this post with my lunch (Tobiko Scallop Pasta from TCC) with Dearie on a random day...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

[My love, Moscato] An outing at Farmart Centre

Baby brought me to Farmart Centre on a random Sunday afternoon to experience the ‘farm/kampung life’. It is located in Sungei Tengah and the admission is free.
Farmart is appealing to many is because it is situated at a lush location where visitors can surround themselves with animal and plant life.
A fun day-out with my Baby
Getting close to the animals always makes for a memorable day for us...
I had a great time interacting with some farm animals like turtles, goats, Chow Chow, parrots and many more… As everybody knows that I am a dog lover, Chow Chow caught my attention… OM!! They look so cute lah!!  I want to bring them home and hug them to bed.
We can feed the animals by purchasing things like vegetables, carrots and fish food can be bought from the animal keeper at the farm corner...
A perfect getaway from the bustling city life with friends and your loved ones
We love chilling out in the car regardless anytime of the day...
Baby brought out a bottle of Pink Moscato and put it in a chilled bag with some ice packs together with two wine glasses...
Princess Moscato from Australia
We parked the car at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and played some lounge music while enjoying our drinks. We indulged ourselves with our favorite dessert wine, Moscato... *LIFE GOOD*
Nothing beats having a good wine with your loved ones!!

I enjoyed my weekends exploring the rural side of Singapore as you will be amazed by the surroundings as everybody knows that Singapore is such a urban and modernized country, and you will hardly see or find such sights or places...

Monday, January 28, 2013

My date with bestie, Jas Jas

Jas Jas met up with me at Buona Vista station after our work for dinner... We headed down to OWL Café which is located at The Star Vista... This trip marked my third visit to OWL Café... I was there with Terence during The Star Vista's opening ceremony and this was followed by a dinner tasting with my blogger friends last November.
I got my usual favorite hot drink, Teh-O siu dai. I am pretty much a tea addict, and this cup of hot tea eased my craving. Oops! I had two cups instead... *Hahaha*

We shared Hainanese Curry Chicken between us... I love the curry chicken as it is prepared in the traditional way with generous amounts of coconut milk. We enjoy the delicacy in our way of savoring the curry gravy by dipping the toast bread in it. My pick always when visiting OWL Café!!

I love the traditional Kaya and Butter Toast, though simple yet tasted great. The damage was SGD18-ish which I think is pretty reasonable.
Our RSVPs were confirmed by Lifestyle Asia, and we attended the Launch Party of the Mid-week City Escape. The venue was held at Da Paolo BistroBar which is located at Rochester Park, and the bar offers a stylish laid-back environment with alfresco dining area...

My partner of the night, Jas Jas at the cocktail event...

It was definitely a good way to ease our stress at work as we indulged ourselves with free-flow of wines, beer and even liquor...

We were treated to yummy refreshments and mouth-watering desserts throughout the whole night...

Time for some cute overloads!! Recently, I bought 2 pens featuring Rilakkuma...
I gave Jas Jas the pink pen as a gift while I kept the brown one for myself...

Below were my previous purchases... Yes, I started my Rilakkuma stationery collection, and the 4 pens do not cost me a bomb, in fact the damage was SGD3-ish in total... OMFG, it was cheap. What a steal!!

Lastly, Jas Jas got me a box of chocolate from Kit Kat, and that was so sweet of her. I love the sweet snack treat!!