Thursday, January 17, 2013

A day-out with friends

Making a trip down to Johor Bahru, M'sia on a random Sunday with my friends (7 of us)... Shopping and makan-ing is a MUST in JB for me. We made a trip down to KSL City for some affordable shopping and cheap eats...

I love the desserts that are offered by BlackBall. We ordered two different desserts to share among us... BlackBall Signature which is served with Grass Jelly and Yam Balls, Sweet Potato Balls, Taro Q, Black Pearls and Red Beans as toppings.
The other dessert, Jiu Fen Yam Balls with Crushed Ice, with the same kind of toppings - Yam Balls, Sweet Potato Balls, Taro Q, Black Pearls and Red Beans. It tasted like 'Ice Kachang'.
Both desserts come with different add-on syrup... After the division, we paid RM2 per person. They are both uber delicious and affordable!!
We had our dinner at Kinashi Japanese Restaurant...
I love my loots :)
I bought a causal leather bag for SGD11-ish, a blue dress for SGD10 and lastly a ring from Diva at SGD5-ish...

Overall, it was a pretty much fruitful day!! The only flaw is that it was pretty time consuming as in getting on and off the bus to clear the customs for both Singapore and Malaysia sides. I personally feel that it is kinda inconvenient as I always go in by car, so I avoid all these when driving in to JB.

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