Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013: My birthday celebration

On my birthday, Baby brought me to Wafflelicious, a waffle specialty shop which is located at Upper Thomson Road. It was my first visit to Wafflelicious, and this dessert place offers an array of Belgium-style waffles to satisfy your waffles craving.
We ordered the original waffles which came with a single scoop of pistachio gelato and oreo chocolate chips toppings.
. The servers are pretty friendly. The space is rather limited, so do come early to avoid disappointment
The waffle was delicious and paired well with the gelato. The aroma from the waffle was pretty fragrant though it was just a plain waffle. No doubt, they do serve flavoured waffles, but I still went for the original.
I enjoyed my piping hot waffle with a scoop of fat-free gelato as well as a pot of freshly brewed TWG finest tea in the cosy cafe to while my laze time away...

Thanks Baby for the birthday cake waffle, and I love the sweet-nothing arrangement. 
Marina at Keppel Bay is located on the privately owned Keppel Island, and is the crown jewel in Singapore’s southern shores. 
Marina at Keppel Bay is the exclusive home of choice for international luxury yachts  for the privileged.
Baby and I decided to do our always-enjoy random weekend chill out at this magnificent and peaceful hide out.
Baby brought out a bottle of Moscato with two wine glasses. We had our favorite dessert wine at Marina at Keppel Bay.
 Toast for a better future!!
Apart from indulging our wines, we did some cam-whoring and photo-taking against the luxury yachts...
I received my birthday pressie from Baby, YAY!! It is from Coach. 
Aww... He got me a bangle for me. I love it so much as the knotted ribbon gives a soft touch of romantic to the bangle. 
Nothing beats having quality time with my loved ones!!
We spotted a 3D drawing on the floor before leaving the Marina at Keppel Bay, it looks so realistic!!  

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