Friday, January 18, 2013

An interesting trip down to The Animal Resort

I planned a trip down to The Animal Resort on a random weekend as I wanted to experience the ‘kampung life’. It is located at Seletar West Farmway 5 and the entrance is free.

We walked around the farm and saw some species of wildlife roaming freely in the farm.
The Crown Cranes and Peacocks are at the farms too...  

Marabou Stork is sometimes called the ‘Undertaker Bird’ and it is a scavenger bird from Africa. There was a sign warning us that it will get provoked when harassed and the danger level will be pretty high. On the safe side, we kept a distance from it...
Below species is the one of the descendants of dinosaurs and it looks kinda fierce.
Instead of saying hello to us, this parrot was sleeping when we walked past it... How sad!!
I purchased a packet of carrots for the rabbits... It cost SGD1 per packet or 3 for SGD2. They sell different food for different species of animals.
I was excited to feed the rabbits and it was a great experience for me to interact with the animals at close distance. 
The Animal Resort is a great place for a short outing without bursting your budget, and it is worth the trip as a whole.


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