Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas celebration with friends and loved ones

Time flies really fast, and it is just a day left to bid goodbye to 2015. I arranged an impromptu Christmas gathering with my cliques for a gift-exchange. We settled at the Krazy Salad which is located at Toa Payoh Central.

I love their famous ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT salad bar and usage of the bar comes free with any main course ordered! I was glad to learn that all my friends enjoyed the food very much.

We had a delightful meet-up and the total damage was SGD178 for 7 people. Our stomachs were filled up with food and drinks when we finally exited the eatery place. If you are on a budget, you can definitely have value for money by having the mind-set to pay less and eat more with the salad bar/buffet!

It was a nice gathering and I was happy to meet up everyone there!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As usual, on festive seasons such as Christmas or New Year, me and Baby will be eating something nice on these special occasions. Since both of us are crab lovers, we decided to have a nice crabby feast at Eng Seng Restaurant! We had their signature Black Pepper Crabs for our Christmas Eve dinner.

Baby and I spent quality time together at Brewerkz, the Stadium on Christmas Eve for our mini celebration.

We had Golden Ale and Nacho chips while waiting for our friends to join us for the celebration gathering.

Time to reveal our Christmas gifts from my Baby!!

He got me a black coat/jacket from Desigual and a beauty bag with products from Soap & Glory! I had a soft spot for their products ever since my first purchase at the 'Boots' Pharmacy chainstore, during our first trip to London way back in 2011.

After 30minutes of quality time, Meryl, Jasmine and Ryden arrived. We ordered a sharing platter and another round of beers to join in the drinking and toasting!

We took a random wefie to end our night meet-up! I look forward to more celebrations together for the coming years. Toast up to our long-lasting friendship!

For my Baby: Thanks for bringing me to various countries such as Bangkok, New York, Tokyo, Perth and Saigon (HCM) this year. I enjoyed every trip with you as you always put me in priority when comes to decision-making, but most importantly, you are very spontaneous!
With all his gestures of love, he is a good boyfriend LOL!... I love him always!

I end my post with some random gifts from colleagues and friends which I had received.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

National Gallery Singapore + Dinner & Dance

After a long hiatus, one of our most recognized national monuments, the former Supreme Court and City Hall was transformed into the new National Gallery Singapore.

I had the chance to enter the gallery without any admission fee all thanks to Jasmine, as she registered and secured tickets online for us!

It was a well-spent afternoon for all of us as we had a great experience at the awesome museum.

We took many random photos together, and it was a great catch-up with one another at the meet-up.

Long time no see, my kid brother, 'Auntie' Terence, I hope that after this meet-up, we can catch up with each other more often before your 6-month exchange attachment programme in Sydney, Australia next year!

We took a group photo to conclude our day out, and the background resemble to the renowned New York American Museum of National History that I had the pleasure to visit this year! It is more commonly known as ‘Night at the Museum’ to me due to the movie.

Every December is my Company Dinner & Dance, and this year's event was held 2 weeks before Christmas at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre. The theme was set to the tone of a Futuristic Night! Oh well, none of my close friends/clique dressed up for the event. How sad!

Upon entering the dining area, all attendees were given a door gift which turned out to be a key-ring that had our name on it. I got mine with the words 'JESSBABY'! Chloe, one of my favourite companions in my company, quipped that I was doing the 'JessBaby' thing! Obviously, as this is my trademark nick!

I enjoyed my 8-course dinner very much! To be honest, I am more into the food than the lucky draw.

I end my post with some random food photos from the dinner, and thanks for reading my humble post!

Monday, December 28, 2015

[Althea Meet-up] Althea Singapore Shopper Beta Tester

I was happy to be selected as a participant for Althea Korea Singapore. In the panel of beta tester for online shopping. Thanks Vi-vien for the heads up! I was really glad to be one of the first few to preview the website which provides affordable and popular K-beauty products.
The website was successfully launched in Singapore in September, and it has already received many raved reviews from buyers for their efficient services!

Two months after the launch, we (the beta testers) were invited for a cosy gathering at Caffe Bene, VivoCity.

I started off with Green Tea Latte, and we had Cheese & Garlic Honey Bread, Cookies & Cream Bingsu and Rice Cake Waffles.

Our meet-up was delightful as we got to mingle with the people from Althea Korea as well as fellow beta testers/bloggers.

 Instead of receiving the W-Honey Beam Cushion as our Christmas gift by W.Lab that was stated in the invitation email prior our meet up, we were instead given the W-Snow CC Cushion which was also from W.Lab during the meet-up event.

 ~ Refer to product details for W.Lab W-Snow CC Cushion below ~

During the event, we decorated our CC Cushion with the materials provided.
We were given a tube of deco cream and some deco parts for our decoden design. It is time to free our creativity! 
My decoden design won me some K-beauty products (whitening intensive vanishing balm and facial mask sheet). I want to thank Candy from for helping me along the way while I was doing my decoden design.

Tammy from Althea Korea was kind to do a follow up with us efficiently by sending us the W-Honey Beam Cushion via registered mail. Thumbs up for her sweet gesture!
~ Refer to product details for W.Lab W-Honey Beam Cushion below ~

We had a lovely time at the event. Thanks for organising this meet-up as it is nice chatting with Tammy, SuYeong and Jihyejang. Keep in touch always!