Saturday, December 5, 2015

[food review] Dinner date with Tee-saurus Bloggers at Krazy Salad

A couple of weeks ago, I had a dinner date with Lawrens, the owner of 'Tee-saurus' as well as 2 other bloggers from 'Tee-saurus' Group, Pearly and Tracy at a restaurant called 'Krazy Salad'.
 This family restaurant has a semi-buffet concept which is located in the heartland of Toa Payoh, and it offers value-for-money main courses as well as a salad bar which consists of generous selections of various spread.

I love the signature All-You-Can-Eat Salad Bar as they never fail to disappoint with their variety of choices that have a wholesome taste and are of a premium quality. It is a definitely a great place for kids to kick-start their healthy eating habits, and everybody knows that a good lifestyle starts from a young age. 
A quick overview of the salad bar has it being free with any main course ordered! However, do note an important house rule, is that every patron gets only 90 minutes for dining! It may sound kind of rushed, but it is a good way to control the dinner crowds. I personally feel that 90mins is enough to finish a decent meal! 

Whenever I visit Krazy Salad, I will never miss my chance savoring the Country Pumpkin Soup as it tasted REALLY delicious.

We tried a total of 6 main courses among the 4 of us, and the first course was the Fiery Chicken (SGD22.90). It was perfectly grilled and tasted spicy. The chicken meat was tender and juicy, so do try it as it 'awakens' all your taste-buds! 
Next up was the Seafood in a Skillet (SGD25.90), which is every child’s favorite dish, and the battered and fried seafood reminded me of a similar seafood platter from Manhattan Fish Market. 
Next , we had Firecracker Lamb Rack Chop (SGD32.90) which was served with Butter Rice, and this was one my favorites during the tasting. The meat was juicy and well marinated.
If you are craving something Asian, then do not give the Oriental Chicken a miss. This dish is eaten in a Korean style by wrapping the meat with lettuce and savored together with Kimchi. I personally feel that it was pretty fun when having this dish, as we had a great time wrapping the meat! 

My favorite dish of the entire tasting was the Pan-seared Duck Breast (SGD24.90). This was probably the best dish of the night, as it left me asking for more! The duck meat was succulent and tasted amazing. 

We ordered a medium rare Teriyaki Cheese Steak (SGD24.90) for our tasting and it tasted pretty normal, nothing to shout about. 

If you are a craving for bar bites, do try out their American Meat Sauce Dip. I really love their delicious dip, and I normally will have some crackers to accompany the dip!

Thanks Tee-Saurus for organising this dinner gathering and Krazy Salad for the kind hospitality! 


#02-512 SINGAPORE 310190
TEL: 6254 7872 

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