Wednesday, December 30, 2015

National Gallery Singapore + Dinner & Dance

After a long hiatus, one of our most recognized national monuments, the former Supreme Court and City Hall was transformed into the new National Gallery Singapore.

I had the chance to enter the gallery without any admission fee all thanks to Jasmine, as she registered and secured tickets online for us!

It was a well-spent afternoon for all of us as we had a great experience at the awesome museum.

We took many random photos together, and it was a great catch-up with one another at the meet-up.

Long time no see, my kid brother, 'Auntie' Terence, I hope that after this meet-up, we can catch up with each other more often before your 6-month exchange attachment programme in Sydney, Australia next year!

We took a group photo to conclude our day out, and the background resemble to the renowned New York American Museum of National History that I had the pleasure to visit this year! It is more commonly known as ‘Night at the Museum’ to me due to the movie.

Every December is my Company Dinner & Dance, and this year's event was held 2 weeks before Christmas at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre. The theme was set to the tone of a Futuristic Night! Oh well, none of my close friends/clique dressed up for the event. How sad!

Upon entering the dining area, all attendees were given a door gift which turned out to be a key-ring that had our name on it. I got mine with the words 'JESSBABY'! Chloe, one of my favourite companions in my company, quipped that I was doing the 'JessBaby' thing! Obviously, as this is my trademark nick!

I enjoyed my 8-course dinner very much! To be honest, I am more into the food than the lucky draw.

I end my post with some random food photos from the dinner, and thanks for reading my humble post!

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