Sunday, December 20, 2015

[eventful day] Para Games Carnival + SG HEART MAP + AFA 2015

  On a random weekend, I met up with my friends for the Para Games Carnival, which was held directly outside the Stadium MRT station.

The Para Games Carnival began before the commencement of the 8th ASEAN Para Games commenced on the 3rd of December, 2015. The set up was pretty similar to the SEA Games Carnival earlier this year, but with a strong focus on Para sports.

It is an open event, and all you have to do is to register yourself at the booth outside the carnival, to obtain an activity pass.

We tried various Para sports, such as kicking a football while wearing complete darkened glasses to inhibit our sight, and we also attempted to learn hand-sign language! Lastly, we had a try out on the Pedal Go-Kart as well! We had so much fun at the carnival.

Here is another short video clip of me being blind-folding while listening to verbal instructions and attempting to play bowling... I score a 'STRIKE'

We took part in the Para sports and received a heart stamp from each game station, and once we completed 5 games, we were awarded 5 stamps to redeem various souvenirs at the 'Nila Truck', which was parked at the carnival. 

I went down to support my Baby for his latest cosplay as the Black Ranger from the very popular 'Mighty Morphin Power Ranger' series, at the AFA 2015 festival! This event was held at Suntec Convention Centre.

I was glad Jasmine, Meryl and her friend, Janice came down with me! I felt so nice to have them with me.

Beware! Photos galore of the mighty Black Ranger!


This is a photo of my Baby, on his power Post Power Ranger/Rest, Haha! 

The finale of the SG Heart Map took place at The Float @ Marina Bay after a year-long drive which culminated in remembering various Singaporean favorite places and assorted shared personal stories about places in Singapore, that define the word 'HOME'!.

50 most cherished places were showcased at the festival which included the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Har Par Villa, Tiong Bahru and etc.

I went down with my clique to say hello to Tracy, as the company she works for is part of the festival.

HOME is where our HEARTS belong.

We took part many activities which were lined up for the visitors, and of course, we took many random group photos too.


Kudos to the SG Heart Map, as through this exhibition, we were given a chance to re-discover the moment that makes Singapore our HOME.

The Giant Dome is a visual display of personal stories from fellow Singaporeans, and is a very unique photography exhibition.


I bagged home with some assorted lovely goodies from the SG HEART MAP Festival!

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