Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - Precious gifts from the heart

Everybody loves to receive presents, especially from those that are close to my heart! Take me as an example. I love to receive presents/gifts from my loved ones and friends even on days that have no special occasion, as these gestures make me feel loved. In return, I will give them back a token/gift to show my appreciation.

 Looking for a perfect gift is not an easy task as different people vary in their preferences. The best solution for this is to personalise gifts for individuals, as these will let your recipients realise that you actually know them well, and have put in the extra effort in selecting gifts for them! It doesn't have to be anything luxurious, but it is the thought that counts! People will tend to appreciate these gifts more, as they will certainly be touched by the love and effort given!

Recently, I was introduced to Printcious, an online DIY gift printing company. They offer assistance to customers to help create wonderful and sincere customised gifts for their loved ones.

Printcious is a Malaysia-based company, but they do offer international shopping with 7 days of free return, if damage or defects are found. If the delivery is to Singapore, shipping will be free if you spend more than SGD60! Note that shipping will cost SGD12 for any amounts less than SGD60.

I screen-shot some snippets from the website to share some of the gifts that are on offer/available. Apart from the above, there are phone cases, coasters, button badges, door hangers and magnets that can be purchased as well. You will definitely be spoilt for choice!

 You can also choose to narrow down your selection choices by sorting gift options. For Example, you can sort into categories, such as 'Gift for Husband', 'Gift for Wife', 'Gift for Her' and 'Gift for Him'! You can also shop according to 'festive seasons' and these will help you greatly in selecting the perfect gift! 

You can also shop according to 'Occasions' which will help you greatly if you want to get gifts that are specific to the festivity! Many people would probably click on 'Gifts for Valentine's Day' so that they can start to prepare their gifts or to figure out what to get for their significant other. 

In Printcious website, you can purchase the gift items right away if you come across something you like. However, if you prefer to DIY your gift, you can choose to upload any desired design, image, or photo, and add background colors/heartfelt words on your designed work! It is hassle-free, and does not require too much time. It is definitely interesting! Alternatively, if you are not good at designing, you could probably just upload a nice photo instead with a caption of some heartfelt/meaningful words.

I had a great time browsing at Printcious! Do let Printcious be part of your gifting journey, and visit them to explore for more gift ideas through their website.


Thursday, January 17, 2019

Happy 2019!

On the last day of 2017, after much encouragement from Mum V and Baby, I plucked up my courage to get my ears pierced! Since then, I have become obsessed with earrings! Everyone who knows me now can attest that I have an immense fondness for earrings! During Christmas, I actually got more than 20 pairs of earrings!

Mum V got me a lot of cute earrings. Thanks Mum!

I love year-end shopping, as there are normally many shopping promotions and perks lined up for shoppers! I picked up a pair of ankle canvas shoes for 2019 from Rubi Shoes which was a collaboration with Disney. It only cost me SGD20!

This new year is the first 'New Year' we welcomed together as Husband and Wife, hence Baby brought me to a posh restaurant to celebrate our New Year Eve's dinner at Tung Lok XiHe Peking Duck restaurant which is located at Orchard Central.


We ordered a whole Peking Duck, and a '3 Treasure Spinach in Superior Stock' as an accompanying dish. I enjoyed the food very much, especially the Peking Duck. The damage was SGD113, and thanks Baby for being a pillar and a shoulder to cry on whenever I am in need of support or facing setbacks.

I look forward to more celebrations together for the coming years and I want to thank him for bringing me to various countries/cities in 2018 too. In 2018, I visited Fukuoka and other cities in the Kyushu Region in Japan during my birthday month. I also went to the United State of Americaon the east coast, whereby I visited New York and Washington for our honeymoon. We also had a short trip to Bangkok, Thailand for a short retreat from our hectic working schedules/environment. I love being with him as he has always placed me as a priority, put up with my bad temper, and has always taken care of my well being. I love you Baby-Hubby! Muaks

Happy 2019

Baby brought Mum V and I to Canton Paradise to have our brunch on the first day of 2019. They serve quality dim sum and Cantonese cuisine. We started off with Boat Style Congee, and I loved the consistency of the Cantonese styled Congee. It looked velvety smooth and had a silky texture. I savored every bit of it!


Chee Cheong Fun with Char Siew – Another dim sum staple. 


I love Braised Chicken Feet very much and this item has been listed under my MUST-ORDER item in any dim sum restaurant!

A dim sum brunch will never be complete without Siew Mai! They were nicely done, and we all enjoyed them very much! 

We were lucky to get a seat without any advance reservation, and the damage was SGD66! We overheard that the wait time was 40mins, when we were about to leave the premises. I personally prefer Canton Paradise to Crystal Jade, as the dim sum tasted way better and the damage was more affordable as compared to Crystal Jade

We missed out on our usual 'Modus Operandi' to end our night on New Year's Eve drinking at a bar, therefore we had a little 'Do-over' on New Year's Day itself. We settled at Starker Bistro which is located at HILLV2. We ordered a pint each, and also got a plate of deep fried fish fingers as a little snack. The damage was SGD55. We spent quality time at the Starker Bistro by sharing our plans in 2019 and of course, discussing on my upcoming birthday trip!

As we grow older, we find that NYE is not about just having a 'Countdown', but is more akin to having a reflection on what we have achieved and to start planning on goals for the new year.

Lastly, I end my NYE's OOTD at Orchard Central! May all my wishes come true! I wish for more collaboration opportunities, as well as an increment in salary from my company!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Abundant Fortune with Four-Tune Box and BURGER KING Mentaiko Burgers

BURGER KING ushers in this Lunar New Year with their newly launched 'Mentaiko Burgers!' Kick-start your new year filled with fortune and happiness with these limited edition burgers. Check out the unique savory taste of the mentaiko sauce!

Made with mouth-watering Salmon from Hokkaido, the BURGER KING Salmon Mentaiko tasted flavorful and succulent. An irresistible combination, the salmon burger offers a layer of tender salmon fillet, topped with savoury Mentaiko sauce, American cheese, crunchy sliced onion, juicy tomato and fresh lettuce served between a toasted 4-inch sesame seed bun. 

The Mentaiko Double CHICK’N CRISP Burger is made up of double layers of tasty crispy chicken fillets, savoury Mentaiko sauce, crunchy sliced onion, juicy tomato and fresh lettuce, served between a toasted 4-inch sesame seed bun. 
I had the Salmon Mentaiko Burger during the tasting session. The creamy mayonnaise and Mentaiko mix went pretty well on a whole. The fish burger seemed lighter and easier to eat as compared to the heavy filling Chicken burger, which as mentioned, has a double layer of tasty chicken fillets.
To welcome prosperity and to usher in fortune, Burger King has also introduced the Four-Tune Box! It consists of crispy golden fries, tasty BK nuggets, golden cheesy tots and completed with all-time favorite onion rings. It is a perfect snack for family and friends to share with each other for the coming Chinese New Year. This Fortune Box is going for SGD8.80.

Thank you BURGER KING and the Rainmaker Marketing Group for hosting us at the tasting event! I had a wonderful time catching up with my blogger friends. We were fortunate enough to bring home Mandarin Orange carriers as well after the event!
For more information on BURGER KING, please visit


Sunday, January 13, 2019

[christmas edition] Dinner at La Nonna and Sky22 + RKM's gift exchange

Christmas has been my favorite festive holiday since I was a child, as I love shopping for gifts for my friends, colleagues and my loved ones.

This year, Baby got me a trench coat from Desigual! I love the small details of the coat very much. Thanks for always putting me as your priority and taking care of my well-being! Muaks Baby!

Baby loves his Christmas gift very much as his long-awaited wish-list finally came true this Christmas. He got his wish, the Nintendo Switch!

Thanks so much for all the gifts from my colleagues and friends! Thanks for being there always.

I received a box full of earrings from Mom Vi, and they look so unique and novel! Among the lot, I love the winter hat earrings the most! 

Baby and I had our Christmas dinner with Mom Vi at La Nonna on Christmas Day. 

La Nonna is a casual Italian dining restaurant located in Holland Village. They serve pizzas, pastas and desserts. 

We started off with a complimentary bread bowl with dipping side of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The bread tasted good and the balsamic vinegar helped to whip up our appetites! 

We shared Calamari Rings which tasted pretty normal,which was nothing to rave about.

However, I loved the pastas which were served at La Nonna, and I really enjoyed my dinner very much. I will definitely come back for their pizzas and pastas soon! The damage was about SGD128, and thanks Baby for the wonderful dinner! 

After dinner, we made our home to have some Moscato (dessert wine) to end our day!

This pair of earrings is from my colleague Ivy. Thanks pal for the lovely X’mas gift!

Samantha and I always make time for each other to meet up for a meal gathering. We set our dinner date at the SKY22 at Courtyard by Marriott Singapore Novena which is located on the 22nd floor. It offers a nice panoramic views of the nature reserve.

We ordered 2 main courses and a plate of salad to share between each other. We end our date on a sweet note with a Black Forest dessert with alcoholic content. There is an Amex Cards promotion for 50% off on the ala carta menu, which did save quite a bit for us on the damage, all thanks to Samantha as she holds an Amex card! 

Thanks so much for the lovely Christmas gift! I am really happy that our path crossed 7 years ago, and I treasure our friendship.