Thursday, January 10, 2019

[opening day + food review] Little Sheep Hot Pot at One Fullerton

Mala Hotpot is pretty popular among Singaporeans, and various hotpot restaurants have been sprouting up one after another! Little Sheep Hot Pot is the latest hotpot joint in town, which has been brought in by No Signboard Holding Ltd, and it is located at One Fullerton.
In 2018, No Signboard Holding Ltd embarked on a journey to diversify their restaurant business by moving into a quick service restaurant (QSR) which is akin to 'fast food'. With a 'customer-at-heart' approach, the diversification strategy aims to build up the group's restaurant portfolio by offering a wider range of consumers with a variety of cuisines to pamper their palates.
// A short interesting fact about hot pot //
Authentic hotpot dining is traced back to more than 1000 years ago where the Mongolian horsemen would fill their overturned metal helmets with water and place them in embers to simmer before adding meat or/and vegetables. As Mongolians travelled throughout china, they further enhanced their unique creation by adding local ingredients. 
I was glad to be invited for a tasting session on the opening day, and my mates took many random with the mascot, Little Sheep (Xiao Fei Yang). 
Little Sheep Hot Pot is a well-known restaurant which was established in 1999, with its origins from Inner Mongolia. It has over 280 outlets across China and international markets, such as the United States, Canada and Japan.

Upon being seated, we enjoyed House Beer and Winter Melon drink with Fried Crispy Fish Skin and Peanuts. 
I love to gather with my friends or family to have a good steamboat/hotpot, as it offer a heart-warming communal dining experience whereby everyone is at the table, cooking their favorite ingredients in simmering hot soup.

Without further ado, let me share with you on my Little Sheep Hotpot Experience. 
The soup base that we tried (Original White Soup) is uber delicious, and was made from 36 different spices. Each hot pot is filled with a steaming aromatic broth with an assortment of fresh ingredients such as goji berries, jujubes, black cardamon pod, ginseng and herbs. I enjoyed every bit of the soup and it tasted even better once the ingredients were added. For those who like their meal on the fiery side, you can order the spicy broth that comes with 'mala' chili oil and peppercorns. 
The restaurant is further boosted by their luxurious best seller Mongolia Lamb Delicacy and Beef Platter. They also offer Kurobuta Pork (black Pig) and Tiger Prawns

At Little Sheep Hot Pot, you can find something you can't get to see often - Lamb Kebabs Skewers. Each skewer was perfectly grilled and tasted awesomely delicious! Don’t forget to try their signature grilled items like their Mongolian Style Roasted Lamb Shank. They are, after all, well-known for their Mongolian-style cooked lamb meat.
The Little Sheep Hot Pot offers a wide array of ingredients to add into the hotpot, and my favorite ones were the Mussels, the White Promfret, the Beancurd Rolls and of course the usual steamboat ingredients such as Golden Mushroom and Crab Sticks

During our tasting, there was an official opening ceremony for Little Sheep Hot Pot too, and all invited guests were treated to a wonderful Lion Dance troupe performance, which is usually believed by the Chinese to usher in blessings and good fortune/business to the restaurant.

Do help yourself to the free-flow crackers as well as your vanilla soft-serve at the dessert/snacks counter! 

You can check out their menu below, and you will definitely be spoilt for choice. 

Thanks for having us, and allowing us to take part in welcoming Little Sheep Hot Pot to Singapore! We love the hotpot very much, and we will definitely return back for more hotpot fixes with more friends and family in the near future! 
I highly recommend Little Sheep Hot Pot to anyone craving for Chinese hot pot or lamb delicacies. The Signature Lamb Kebab is my favorite! Each piece of meat was so tender and juicy, and I couldn't stop myself from praising it, even as I was in the midst of chewing them in my mouth!
There is an alfresco dining area where you can enjoy Singapore's best Bay view while having a sumptuous meal at Little Sheep Hot Pot

Little Sheep Hot Pot Singapore 
One Fullerton, 1 Fullerton Road #01-05 Singapore 
Walk in or call +65 6222 9959 for reservations.
Do like their official Facebook page Singapore, and follow their posts for more information.