[Try and Review] Jonsson Protein's signature VE Protein Hair Treatment

The common scalp problems can cause a lot of irritation, but also hair loss. I was in complete shock at the state of my nightmarish infected scalp! One must make a huge effort to take good care of your scalp. Hence here I am at Jonsson Protein for their signature VE Protein Hair Treatment.

Although there are many hair products to cleanse my scalp, it is better to head to a professional. The scalp treatments in a salon would cost you more than shelf products but it is worth the investment! Always remember that having a healthy scalp is the most important element in ensuring that your hair in a healthy and top notch condition!


The benefit of scalp treatment is not just to have shiny luscious locks, it also helps to regulate sebum production, remove dandruff, eliminates impurities and dead skin cells, and prevents hair loss/hair follicles.


The therapist scanned my hair to show me on what hair problems I presently have. She also explained that my scalp was pretty oily, and my scalp is covered by dandruff and it blocks new hair from growing healthy.

In this post, I will share about my Scalp Treatment at Jonsson Protein, and I received 6 steps during the hair scalp treatment.

I started off the treatment with a hair wash and massage. After the wash, the therapist applied Fortifying Hair Mask, and followed by a 30-minute of Thermal Revitalization. I love how it helps in blood circulation in my scalp and restoration of my hair to its optimum condition.

After the mask treatment, the therapist rendered a bonus service to me by rubbing my scalp to remove stubborn dandruff. I was really surprised by this step, as I never experienced this before from other salon treatments.

The therapist applied Revitalization Ampoule to my scalp areas after rinsing my hair. 

She added in the Nutrifying Essence to my scalp too, and followed this up with a relieving scalp massage.

The treatment ended with a professional blow-dry! Thank you so much for having me, Jonsson Protein and Try & Review.

After the first trial treatment, my scalp condition improved as you can see and compare in the BEFORE/AFTER photo below! 

The BEFORE photo - My scalp is covered with a layer of hard oily dandruff. In the AFTER photo, my scalp is well-cleansed, and it has significantly improved after this treatment!

I love how my scalp feels after the treatment and also I love the top notch service which was rendered to me. Strongly recommended! Do check them out at Singapore Post which is located just beside Paya Lebar MRT Station!


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