[food review] Food tasting at Good Bites Café

Two years ago, the folks from Citrus By The Pool came up with a new eatery place for you to bring your family and friends for a scrumptious feast! This is definitely a piece of good news to all friends who are residing in the north. It is located right beside Bishan Sports Hall, and I visited Good Bites Café with my blogger friends. It was definitely a favorite food joint for many, as I noticed quite the crowd!


Upon stepping into the premises, we were all attracted by the main entrance of the café. We couldn’t resist taking photos against the background.

Thanks Tracy and Ericia for extending the tasting invite to me and my Hubby - Kel. We love double dates, and this was a great opportunity for us to gather and chat about everything under the sun. We had an alfresco dining experience which we were further blessed with good and cooling weather for the night!

Good Bites Café is a halal-certified café which offers an extensive menu of selection of western and Asian fusion cuisine. Most importantly, the café offers reasonable price tags which allow one to enjoy an affordable dining experience! Recently, they revamped their menu and extended their operating hours too. They are now open from 11am to 5am daily, and this makes it a perfect food spot for supper lovers!

Before we kicked off on our tasting session, we ordered some artisanal Iced Coffee. We tried their Passionfruit Sparkling Americano (SGD7.99) which was extremely refreshing while the Banana Choco Frappe (SGD8.99) resembled more akin to a mocktail.

I am not a coffee person, but surprisingly, I enjoyed the iced coffee!

It was quite fascinating to pour the coffee and mix the drink on your own. You really gotta try it yourself!

If you have a sweet tooth, do check out their mighty milkshakes. They are pretty instagrammable, and do remember to share these massive milkshake drinks with your friends, as they are generous in their portions.

During my last tasting, we had Strawberry Gem and Cookie Crush, therefore this time we decided to try the Cookie Top Mini Milkshake (SGD8.99) instead. To all sugar rush lovers, this is definitely your kind of drink!

We tried their Party Basket (SGD16.99). It consists of sides such as Mid-Wings, Calamari and Sweet Potato Fries served with tartar sauce. It might be sinful for a late night, but you will never go wrong with deep fried comfort food!

The signature Tom Yum Seafood Pasta (SGD13.99) is an all-time classic at Citrus By The Pool, and the owner decided to bring this popular dish to Good Bites Café too, in order to allow more patrons to savor this dish! This Thai-inspired dish tasted delicious with a distinctive hot and sour flavor that is often well sought after by many Singaporean foodies.

The Chicken Steak-Out ($13.99) was very highly rated by us, as we loved the tender and succulent meat underneath crispy golden brown skin! The brown sauce went so well with the chicken which literally enhanced the overall taste!

The Baked Salmon ($17.99) was one of our favorite dishes on our tasting list. The salmon was perfectly cooked, and I love the moist texture that was kept even though it was crispy on the outside. The pairing sauce that came with it was delicious too!

The Cajun Lamb Rack (SGD21.99) was Baby’s favorite as he finished almost the entire dish. To be honest, the Lamb Rack was tasty, but I'm quite sensitive to gamey meats hence for those who are similar to me may pass on this dish. Of course, if you love Lamb as much as my Baby did, then this is obviously for you!


We ended our session with their Ondeh Ondeh Cake, Chocolate Fudge Cake and Biscoff Cheese Cake.

Both Baby and I loved the lightly-sweet Biscoff Cheese Cake while Tracy and YX preferred the rich and bitter-sweet Chocolate Fudge Cake. Oh well, that clearly explained that we found our correct soul mates in life!

Interested to visit Good Bites Café for a lovely couple date, or a chill gathering with your good friends? Do pop by soon…



5 Bishan Street 14, #03-01 S’pore 579783

Phone: 6970 0233 


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