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[food review] Restoran Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood - Gourmet Hunter KL

I was glad to be invited by the Gourmet Hunter KL for a sumptuous food tasting at Restoran Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood which is located at Kepong. This restaurant offers a great selection of Cantonese Cuisine and various cooking methods of crabs, such as cheese, butter, black pepper and even salted eggs at an affordable price. Never forget to mention, my new bosom friend, Shirley, who did a lot of the arrangement for me to have my first-ever food tasting experience in KL, and major props and thanks to her!

I was greeted by the on-going promotion at the entrance!

Beside the crabs, the restaurant generously prepared other dishes as well!

My favorite food apart from the lovely crabs was the Mongolia Prawn Meat (RM18). Each piece tasted good and crispy, and I helped myself to several servings.

The juicy and succulent Roasted Long Bone Pork (RM28) was one of the first few food items we ate during the food tasting. The meat was tender, and it was served in a huge portion.

Steamed King Razor Clams…

[food review] Thai Mookata at Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen

If you are still thinking or looking for a place to have a feast, while maintaining a fair budget to celebrate this coming year end, why not consider having a Thai Mookata Feast at Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen? This eatery place has 2 outlets in Singapore, and they are located at Upper Thomson Road and Townsend Road respectively.

Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen is a Thai-Chinese fusion eatery that offers Thai Mookata. The indoor seating is reserved for regular Chinese dishes while the outdoor seats are meant for patrons who are having the Thai Mookata. As what I observed during my visit, I realised that most diners were here for their Thai Mookata, and therefore most tables at the alfresco areas are filled at night.

Thanks to my blogger friend, Tracy for extending her invite to me for a food tasting session at the Townshend Road outlet. There is a 15-min walk away from Lavendar MRT station. All diners get free flow of drinks to go along with their Thai Mookata. I like the Thai Ice Milk Tea and the L…

[Althea Korea] My beauty haul via Althea App

Althea Korea was founded in 2015, and it is a premier online beauty website that one can purchase authentic K-Beauty products at an affordable price! All orders are shipped directly out from Korea to your doorstep!
To celebrate this festive season, Althea Korea has released Holiday Boxes in 3 different sizes (S/M/XL) for purchase! In addition to this, there are also many other exciting promotions, deals and giveaways too. Recently, Althea Korea launched their long-awaited Mobile App for shoppers to shop on the go. With the app, it allows shoppers to shop conveniently anywhere, anytime, while allowing for users to get the latest updates on new arrivals, sales and special promotions. It is now free for download on both iOS and Android systems. I did my early Christmas shopping via the Althea App, and I felt that the app was designed for easy usage was a breeze in navigating. I had a hassle-free online shopping experience with Althea Korea! In conjunction with the launch of the App, Althe…