[LAPCOS] Smiley World Pop-up Store Random-ness

Baby and I had our dinner at LeNu, a Taiwanese noodle joint which is part of Paradise Group and it is located at VivoCity.

We started off with Chilled Silken Tofu with Century Egg, which consisted of a combination of sweet and salty flavors. I love this refreshing appetiser very much as it is pretty addictive. We ordered a side dish of 2 Lava Eggs to go with our ramen.

Baby had famous Taiwanese Beef Shank Noodles, and the Shank tender meat was sliced thick. 

I had the Soft Pork Bone Ramen and the broth tasted amazing. 

This is my first time dining at LeNu, and we had a decent meal there! 

Recently, I got to know about a brand new K-Beauty, LAPCOS, and they set up their first ever pop-up store at BHG Tampines, Century Square

This Korean leading cosmetic brand, LAPCOS, collaborated with Disney and Smiley World and the packaging was top notch and very pretty! I'm sure most consumers would have zero resistance in buying the product after seeing the packaging! 

 Seeing the Smiley World collaboration made me happy as the whole collection looks so cheerful! 

My favorite product amongst all would have to be the Drawing Lipstick, which was (RE01) under for the Disney collection!

Thanks Pearlyn for extending her invite to me, and we bagged home some lip products from LAPCOS. 

Let me show you what I got...

LAPCOS Touch-up Lipstick – Jake (OR-1)

I love the magnetic cover! It glides smoothly across the lips with lasting colors!

DISNEY X LAPCOS – Moisture Lip Balm (Coral)

 It can be worn alone or as a base for other lip products.

SMILEY WORLD X LAPCOS – Real Color Lip-ping (PI01 – Happy Smile)

It leaves a thin, silky coating with natural shade after application. It was created with a long lasting formula!

I attended the SG-JP Music Mix 2016 with some of my lovely girlfriends, and the ever was held at Victoria Concert Hall on a mid-week. For my personal invit, I took Linda with me! She loves everything Japanese, hence this concert was perfect for her!

The SG-JP Music Mix was a special edition concert which was held in conjunction with SJ50, the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations bewteen singapore and Japan.

The concert was pretty entertaining, and I love Dick Lee’s singing very much.

Thanks Caren for the invite/tickets which allowed the handful of us to have a mini gathering at the Victoria Concert Hall.

I end my post with my latest choker haul from Lovisa! Lately, I am obsessed with chokers, and I am glad the Lovisa is having sales right now! I picked 2 chokers at discounted prices of only SGD14 in total. A nice deal indeed!


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