Dinner at Suki-Ya + random-ness

Both Baby and I are Shabu Shabu lovers, and we are glad that we found an affordable Japanese hotpot eatery place called 'Suki-Ya', which offers unlimited servings of thinly sliced meat. It is definitely a healthier choice from Korean BBQ.

We therefore decided To have a 'TGIF' dinner at their Kallang Wave outlet. 

We started off our dinner by choosing Sukiyaki and Kimchi as our soup base. 

The unlimited different types of meat offered by Suki-Ya are pork, chicken and beef, which needs to be ordered from the staff. There is a buffet counter where you can find a selection of vegetables and standard food items that are normally found for steamboat. The dipping sauces were also available at the counter too. 

The meat was sliced very thin, so it got cooked pretty fast once it was dipped into the hot soup. I personally feel that the meat is very fresh and I love it very much! 

We ended our dinner with matcha ice-cream which was part of the dinner buffet. The quality of the food was decent, as was the amount we paid for our dinner. 

The Singapore Woman's Weekly (SWW) held their inaugural food truck event a few weeks ago in order to celebrate the launch of the newly set up club, 'Domestic Diva Circle' a couple weeks ago. I met up with Jasmine and Meryl during lunch time as we attended the event at Raffles Place. We signed up as part of their club at the site and was rewarded with a free lunch. 

We redeemed very unique items for our lunch, and these consisted of Grilled Cheese Calamansi Kaya Toasties and San Remo Brown Rice Pasta with Sous Vida Chicken in Tomato and Garlic Sauce! Thanks SWW for the lovely treat! 

On my recent visit to Tebrau City Aeon, I discovered that the mall has extended their shopping and dining space for their patrons.


I love their Japanese Garden Theme very much, and I will return to check out their new retail stores soon! 

I finally got to try out the awesome chicken wings from WING.STOP, and I immediately fell head over heels in love with the delectable and delicious chicken wings/drumlets! 

I end my post with a pair of skorts from my dearest mummy during her trip to Taiwan! Hugsss! 


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