[food review] Thai Mookata at Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen

If you are still thinking or looking for a place to have a feast, while maintaining a fair budget to celebrate this coming year end, why not consider having a Thai Mookata Feast at Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen? This eatery place has 2 outlets in Singapore, and they are located at Upper Thomson Road and Townsend Road respectively.

Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen is a Thai-Chinese fusion eatery that offers Thai Mookata. The indoor seating is reserved for regular Chinese dishes while the outdoor seats are meant for patrons who are having the Thai Mookata. As what I observed during my visit, I realised that most diners were here for their Thai Mookata, and therefore most tables at the alfresco areas are filled at night.

Thanks to my blogger friend, Tracy for extending her invite to me for a food tasting session at the Townshend Road outlet. There is a 15-min walk away from Lavendar MRT station. All diners get free flow of drinks to go along with their Thai Mookata. I like the Thai Ice Milk Tea and the Lime Juice best.

The outlet offers an array selection of marinated meats and seafood that one can feast themselves on! Meat lovers will love it, but take caution, it might ruin your dieting plan! Oh well, who cares when it comes to good food with great companionship!

Apart from the meat and seafood selection, they also offer vegetables and standard food items that are normally found within Hot Pots.

I'm certain many of us aren’t new to Thai Mookata, and to start off, place some pork lard cube in the middle of the metal skillet for oil before grilling the meat! The juice of the marinated meat and the essence of the pork lard will drizzle into the soup, and this makes it taste more delicious and fragrant!

I personally prefer this dining concept to our traditional BBQ steamboat. For me, having Thai Mookata is like having the best of both worlds! – delicious grilled meat and flavorful hot soup.

Thanks for the kind hospitality, Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen! We enjoyed the food and I am very glad that I managed to make some new friends over the meal! They make really great companions!

The Thai Mookata is priced at SGD25.90nett per pax on weekdays and SGD28.90nett per pax on weekends.

Huay Kwang Thai Kitchen
No. 9 Townshend Road
Singapore 207607


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