[food review] A re-visit to Spicy Thai-Thai Café

I was glad to return to the Spicy Thai-Thai Café, to try out their new creations as well as existing signature dishes! I had missed their BBQ Pork Belly and Deep Fried Kang Kong with Special Thai Sauce and was very happy to return to savour these dishes!

Spicy Thai-Thai Café offers authentic North-Eastern Thai cuisine and they use charcoal fires to cook their soups and steamed dishes!

We started off our tasting with some drinks, and I had my all-time favorite Lemongrass drink. 

Let me start on this post by sharing on some of the new creations that we tried during the tasting.

Thai Sambal Sea Bass (seasonal price) 

I love the homemade sambal chili as it tasted flavorful. The spiciness was just right for my taste buds. This dish is definitely worth a mention! 

The spiciness of the Thai Fried Chilli Fish Head (SGD28) is kinda too much for me to handle.
Denote: For children and the elderly, please do pay more extra attention to fish bones while consuming this dish.

Thai Style - Kaeng Som Cha Om (SGD18)

During my last tasting, I had tried the Thai Dill Omelette (Cha Om), but this time, I was treated to something unique. The same omelette was again served, but if was served in piping hot spicy and sour soup! Yes, very odd but it actually tasted very well, as the chef added some vegetables and prawns into a broth which combined well with the omelette in it! It was very unique and was a great dish for sharing. 

Stir-Fry Broccoli with Scallops (SGD20) is a healthy dish with a mixture of broccoli, mushroom, carrot and scallops 

Though the presentation of Stir-fry Cabbage with Thai Sweet Fish Sauce (SGD10) looked normal when it was served on our table, it tasted awesomely good! I love how the chef used the Beijing cabbage with thin leaves instead of usual cabbage.

I was totally in love with the new dish of Jade Noodles (SGD6/portion). I love the springy spinach noodles which was cooked to a perfect al-dente form. 
Denote: the photo shown above is meant for 3 portions.
We also tried some of the existing signature dishes...
Lala (Clam) Bee Hoon (SGD18) was superbly delicious. I love the natural sweetness of clams, and the dish was delicious on the whole. This is definitely one of my 'MUST-ORDER' when I return for meals.

Every piece of BBQ Pork Belly (SGD18) was nicely caramelised in a good smoky taste. The tender and juicy meat was cooked over charcoal which left a fragrant aroma taste. 

I love the gravy sauce as it went very well with white rice. The Cold Tofu with Special Thai Sauce (SGD15) is definitely worth my both thumbs up! 

Deep Fried Kang Kong in Special Thai Sauce (SGD10) is one of my favorite dishes at the Spicy Thai-Thai Café. The Kang Kong was coated in a light batter and deep fried until it was crispy and crunchy. This tempura-styled like snack is super addictive, and I helped myself to several servings. It goes very well with the special Thai sauce which gave it an extra kick! 
Thanks for the invite, and I enjoyed my dinner with my blogger clique. If you are looking for classic and affordable Thai cuisine, then Spicy Thai-Thai Café will be a great choice for you! 


Block 115 Aljunied Avenue 2 #01-35 Singapore 380115


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