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SHOP : Fashion, beauty, cocktails

Attended SHOP: The Ultimate Fashion Bazaar with Lil Sis - Linda...
This exclusive event was held @ the waterfront venue of Customs House Pavilion. I bet alot of you might be lost or never heard about this place... Oh well, Customs House is located next to The Fullerton Bay Hotel.

What a nice breath-taking pic I took from the Customs House...
~ Door gifts for all attending guests ~

On visiting the bliss booth, we enjoyed a comlimentary 5mins of shoulder massage... Kinda short but it relieves the tension and I feel refreshed...
I was given a 'BIP' (bliss important person) card... Present this card to enjoy 20% off services for the first visit to bliss singapore...I was attracted by this interesting package - wedded bliss~ The bliss bridal countdown ~Pre-marital 'pore'-fection package, a series of six monthly triple oxygen facial, brow wax, blissage 60 (tension taming massge), brazilian bikini wax, hot cream manicure & hot milk and almond pedicure.Package for the groom w…

YAY! I got new toy

I got a new toy for myself on my birthday... Pretty afforable :) . . . . Yes! *5 Megapixels USB Webcam*

Invitation from Far East Organization

I was invited by Far East Organization to Local Delight & Cooking Demo @ Orchard Scotts... Famous Celebrity Chef - William Soh of Changi Village Hotel. He revealed his secret recipe for one of Singapore's more popular dishes - 'Char Kway Teow'...
The venue - Orchard Scotts was a eye-opener for me :) Orchard Scotts was awarded the top spot in the FIABCI Prix d'Excellence (Residential Category). This marks the 5th time the Organization has won a FIABCI award.
Fully wrapped around by glass, the pure, geometrical forms of Orchard Scotts stand out significantly like contemporary masterpieces of art.
Design with luxury & elegence... Some extract pixs from (credits to Orchard Scotts)

The cooking demo by William Soh was pretty interesting and we got to taste the 'Char Kway Teow' directly from the cooking wok. Beside the 'Char Kway Teow' demo, there was a Popiah & Kuey Pie Ti demo as well...

Chef made the Kuey Pie Ti for me…

Summer comes early for Desigual

Baby received a letter from Spain regarding his gift from Desigual. We went to collect it at the Marina Square outlet... YAY! A pair of unique Headphones... Something that you can’t find in stores at all... (Sorry, no physical photo due to Baby bringing it home without snapping a pix of it)
I really can't wait for the Spring/Summer collection from Desigual... Saw this lovely straw hat in store... The kind SA gave it to us with compliments! Thanks ya :)
Summer comes early for Jess Baby... Loves cam-whoring to the bits :)

Limited Edition Absolut '72 Bian'

Absolut Vodka is throwing an Absolut Party, featuring the Limited Edition Absolut '72 Bian' at Fabrika, Klapsons, The Boutique Hotel.
~ Absolut 72 Bian will be available in Singapore at the exclusive launch at fabrika ~
Absolute 72 Bian is the first Limited Edition bottle designed solely for the Chinese market. Baby & I were happy to be invited to this exclusive event all thanks to Fabrika. Look at the crowd... OM! The ambience was great! especially on the roof top. It’s kinda cool to chill out there. ~ Getting to know more about Absolut 72 Bian ~
Exclusively designed for and launched in China in August 2010, only 72 limited edition bottles of Absolut 72 Bian will be available in Singapore in a one-day exclusive launch at fabrika at Klapsons, the boutique hotel, on January 26, 2010.
Absolut collaborated with Chinese avant-garde artist, Gao Yu, to launch its first-ever China limited edition bottle design.Inspired by the ancient Chinese mythical figure, the Monkey King, Absolut…