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Valentine Celebration 2015

My two important occasions have come and passed on this year's calendar, and that was my birthday in January, and 2 weeks after my birthday was Valentine's Day which was just over. Now, I am looking forward to April for my 2-week holiday to.... (will reveal soon)
Baby surprised me with a gift for me a night before Valentine Day, and I was surprised that It was from Coach. I thought we should begin to save up now for our long-awaited trip, but he insisted to get me something decent which I will like. Thanks Baby, you are the best!

This year, on Valentine's Day, we wanted to spend it simple by spending quality time together. Baby drove to Adam Park for some photo-taking session as this park bears a rich history in Singapore and it was the site of a battlefield way during World War II.

I love my gift by Coach! My sweet Baby put on for me...Thanks Love!

I am glad that fate brought us together and here we are creating many fond memories together.

We went to Wafflelicious which is lo…

[Alienware launch] New additions to Alienware portfolio

Alienware, a leader in high-performance gaming systems unveiled its latest Alienware 15and17 laptops and for the first time in Singapore, the Alienware Alpha Console! This event was held at the Altimate, at 1 Altitude. The new devices are a great new addition to the Alienware family portfolio.

Alienware pushes all boundaries when it comes to bringing gamers the best visuals experience. All three laptops also provide optional touch-screen technology for maximum usability. Alienware 17 which retails at SGD2,699 offers a higher base graphics option and higher maximum CPU option than any other Alienware notebooks. 

 Alienware introduced its smallest gaming notebook, Alienware 13, and now Alienware came out with Alienware 15 and 17that is as thinner and lighter than ever before, but most importantly, both of them provide gaming excellence!.

The new Alienware 15 has a weight of about 3.2KG and has dimensions of up to 34mm! On the other hand, the Alienware 17 is slightly bulkier by 0.4mm and f…

[I love 90s] Retrolicious 2015

I was glad to attend this year's Retrolicious concert, and this year, instead of artistes and acts from the 80's, we were treated to a spectacular show from acts from the 1990's!

Retrolicious 2015 was held at Fort Canning Park and it featured Tommy Page, Color Me Badd and All-4-One who had a big impact in the music industry in the 1990s.

Color Me Badd was the first act to be on stage, and they lit up the party mood with their popular song, 'All For Love'. When they sang 'I Adore Mi Amor', they drew cheers from the audience and they closed their set with 'I wanna Sex You Up'
The 44 years old, Tommy Page kicked off his performance with 'Turn on the radio', and he lit up the entire concert-goers mood. He treated the crowd with a string of his chart-toppers, such as 'I'll Be Your Everything', 'When I dream of You', 'Painting in my Mind' and 'I break Down'.

The last and best act of the night was Male R&B qu…

#blogmeetsg Networking Event

I attended the first meet-up #blogmeetsg networking event which was organised by Lucy Warring from Lulabelle Lifestyle. It was held at Edit Lifestyle which is located at Tanglin Road.

Edit Lifestyle is a stunning lifestyle store that offers everything you need for a stylish life in Singapore. The setting of the store makes me feel cozy and comfy.

We had a lovely night mingling with the bloggers and the participating brand reps/owners.

I love the macaroons from Hediard Café, and I will pop down to visit this café with my Baby soon.

The sweet treats continued with Leela's Fine Chocolates and we got to sample their chocolates during the event. The hand-made chocolates not only looked fabulous but tasted delicious too. I love the creative designs of the rugby shoes and high heels, which make an interesting gift for both men and ladies.

Hat of Cain presented their signature Panama hats and shared with us tips on how to take care of these hand woven hats.

All the hats come in different size…