Friday, February 6, 2015

Singapore National Barista Championships (SNBC) 2015

I attended the launch of the Singapore National Barista Championships (SNBC) 2015 which was held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre and I witnessed Singapore's top baristas completing, not only for the title and also for an all-expense paid trip to the annual World Barista Championships (WBC).

Barista Milk from F&N MAGNOLIA is superior frothing milk specially formulated for baristas.
Barista Milk is a creamy fresh milk which is consistent and easy to foam. It is very ideal for latte art!
Coffee has been enjoyed by Singapore since the early 20th century and now everyone can find their caffeine fix at any coffee shops and hawker centres.

Before the western coffee such as mocha or latte was introduced to Singapore, there are some local lingoes used from our coffee drinkers. 

In the end, Mr John Ryan Ting took the title of Singapore National Barista Championship 2015. He beat 15 other contestants in the 2-day competition. By winning this competition, he will be representing Singapore at the World Barista Championships (WBC) which will be held in Seattle this April.
Save the date for the returning of Cafe Asia & International Coffee (ICT) and Tea Industry Expo which will be held at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore from 19-21 March 2015.

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