Wednesday, February 4, 2015

[Fashion] Chrome Gold Tee from Tee-Saurus

I am glad to share Tee-Saurus with my readers and friends through my humble blog, as I like tee-Saurus's philosophy, which is to believe in optimism and have the courage to fight for dreams! The story behind the brand, Tee-Saurus is about facing difficulties and challenges with a broad smile. In short, stay positive! Tee-Saurus believes that nothing/nobody can bring you down except yourself, and therefore the graphics designed on the tees are set to place a smile on one's face! Just like their signature mascot Rawr, the cheeky and mischievous T-Rex.

I saw the package post when I got back from my Bangkok birthday trip. It felt like a birthday blessing from Tee-Saurus. Thanks so much #teesaurusproject! I started to like T-Rex ever since I watched the movie, Night at the Museum, and now I am excited to know that Tee-Saurus offers quirky tees featuring the cute iconic T-Rex designs.

Dinosaurs - Rawr - Chrome Gold (SGD30)

The top made my day as I put on the tee that brings a smile to people around me! *Happy mode on* I love the simple design as life is always about solving issues while having a simple mind set. Tee-Saurus has an array design selections for both adults and children (both genders).

Be brave and pursue your dreams with Tee-Saurus! If you  are interested in finding out more on their products and the price list, do visit their website and check them out.   

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