Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Birthday Celebration with friends

My blogging peer have a gathering group, '4 peas in a pod' and consists of the following 4 members: Damien aka Tehpeng, Tracy, Samuel and Yours Truly!

Both Tehpeng and I are January Babies, and we decided to celebrate our birthday together our group! We went down to the Standing Sushi Bar which is located at the Singapore Art Museum (8QSAM). The queue was horrendous, and we waited for about 45-60mins for just a table of 4. There was a 50% promotion on Sashimi, so we ordered a large plate of Salmon Sashimi.

Apart from the Sashimi, we had Agedashi Tofu, Prawn Sushi Roll, Sushi Bar's Salmon Aburi Roll and Cold Soba Noodle (Zaru Soba).

Thanks Samuel and Tracy for the dinner treat!

After our dinner, we headed down to Liang Seah Street by foot. We settled at Dessert First for some sweet fix. We ordered Mango Shaved Ice and Waffles with Vanilla Ice-cream to share among us. We had a delightful yet sinful treat. Thanks once again to the duo for the lovely treat!

I was surprised to receive a birthday pressie from Tracy too, Thanks Gal! 

This year, I am glad to receive gifts from my office colleagues. Joanne, a newly joined colleague in our CSR team, and now she is my lunch mate gave me a box of Godiva Chocolate Truffles. Thanks Lovelie!

My best buddy at work, Ryna gave me a set of Cosmetics Brushes (4-pc), and I love the set very much. Thanks Babe!

Lastly, my lady boss and colleagues from Singapore Documentation team got me a nice statement necklace from Lovisa. OM! They know me well as the design they picked for me is what I like!

I was surprised to see the PAUL Breakfast Basket when I came home from my birthday trip to Bangkok. My brother received it on my behalf from the delivery man. Thanks so much Crème Simon and I appreciate the sweet thought!

I end my post with 2 products from SilkPro. Thanks for sending me the SilkBath and Silk Lotion!

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