Saturday, February 28, 2015

Valentine Celebration 2015

My two important occasions have come and passed on this year's calendar, and that was my birthday in January, and 2 weeks after my birthday was Valentine's Day which was just over. Now, I am looking forward to April for my 2-week holiday to.... (will reveal soon)

Baby surprised me with a gift for me a night before Valentine Day, and I was surprised that It was from Coach. I thought we should begin to save up now for our long-awaited trip, but he insisted to get me something decent which I will like. Thanks Baby, you are the best!

This year, on Valentine's Day, we wanted to spend it simple by spending quality time together. Baby drove to Adam Park for some photo-taking session as this park bears a rich history in Singapore and it was the site of a battlefield way during World War II. 

I love my gift by Coach! My sweet Baby put on for me...Thanks Love!

I am glad that fate brought us together and here we are creating many fond memories together.

We went to Wafflelicious which is located at Upper Thomson Road, and this was my second visit as my first time was on my birthday in 2013. This waffle specialty shop offers an array of Belgium-style waffles to satisfy our craving.

We ordered the original waffle with a single scoop of Pistachio gelato, and a pot of TWG Tea (Sliver Moon Green Tea) to go along with our dessert.  

Thanks Baby for the sweet fix before our Crabby feast dinner, as we can't resist our affection for crabs. He booked a table for 2 at Momma Kong's Crab Shack which is located at Mosque Street (Chinatown area). This local eatery place offers a laid back setting to savor our local delicacies, Crabs in different cooking methods.

We were treated to a complimentary spoonful of Yu Sheng before we started of our dinner.

The price was slightly increased due to Valentine’s Day, and we paid an additional SGD6 for each crab ordered. We ordered a crab each of Black Pepper and Red Chilli. I personally prefer the Red Chilli to Black Pepper though many netizens are leaning their favourite choice  to the Black Pepper Crab.

I love the unique steamed/fried Mantou from Momma Kong's Crab Shack, as it layered like a croissant and the texture is soft too.

The Red Chilli Crab version at Momma Kong's Crab Shack is spicier and drier as compared to other places, but I wish it had more gravy as I had a hard time digging for gravy for the mantou.

We also had Tofu Chips to round up our meal, and it is healthier to choose tofu stick chips over chips. I enjoyed the spicy hot dip that came with the tofu sticks. I had a delightful dinner at Momma Kong's Crab Shack, and thanks Baby for the sweet-nothing arrangement.
I had a blissful Valentine’s Day this year, as I received an additional gift on this special day. Apart from the gift from Baby, Crème Simon delivered 2 of their signature products to my place! Thanks so much, Mademoiselle Simon. 

Lastly, my mommy got me a pair of jelly shoes from the heartland area, and Baby commented that they look like Elsa’s shoes in the popular movie, Frozen. Oh well, it is the heart that counts. I love you, Mommy!


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