Monday, February 9, 2015

[friends gathering] Birthday celebration

I am glad that CNY falls on February this year, hence I can celebrate my birthday in January in a more relaxing mood. A few days before my birthday, I decided to have a simple dinner gathering cum birthday celebration as I have booked my holiday to Bangkok on the eve on my birthday.


Our meet-up venue was Tsukada Nojo (Bijin Nabe), and it is located at Chinatown Point. Apart from Terence and myself have been to this eatery place, the rest (CK, Jasmine, Sweetie and Andrew) were first-timers.

Both Terence and I took charge on the ordering job as the rest were pretty much not familiar with what to order. We picked up the signature Bijin Nabe hotpot for 6 pax portion which comes with fresh prawns, minced chicken meatballs, Japanese watermelon radish, lady fingers, Japanese beancurd, black fungus, golden mushroom and assorted greenies. The set also come with a choice of a carbo item, and we selected thin egg noodles.

All ingredients are specially selected by Tsukada Nojo for a nourishing Bijin Nabe dining feast.

The big pot of collagen pudding which is made of Jidori Chicken and the chicken is raised in Miyazaki Kyushu. The chicken bones were stewed for more than 8 hours and left to cool down and it formed the collagen pudding which was served to us. We then waited for it to boil and which would make the pudding melt into thick creamy broth! 

The melting process took about 5-6 minutes, and we put in the ingredients once the soup was boiled. We were all ready to dig in!

I love everything about the hotpot from the preparation, to the final finished product, which tastes amazing! The egg noodles were served last as it soaked up the entire flavor from the chicken broth.

In Tsukada Nojo, all customers hold a title in this eatery place, and the first-timers will start off their position as 'Assistant Manager'. The promotion will be based on the number of patrons to Tsukada Nojo. Terence got promoted to Manager with this visit, and he received a complimentary serving of fries. We had some fries snack while waiting for the soup to boil.

I love how the sauce was decorated and it is photo worthy!

We ordered some side dishes to go along with our hotpot, and again, they were worth both my thumbs up!

At the end of our meal, we were served with a complimentary dessert platter with a cute illustration, which was done using chocolate sauce. The words 'ARIGATO' means 'Thank You' in Japanese. The dessert treat were bite-sizes mango jelly, and the flavor varies based on the Chef's choice.

 Thanks for all the gifts that you guys have given to me as well as the love was shown on me. I sincerely want to say a BIG THANK YOU to the people who came to join me for a simple gathering. Thanks for the dinner treat, Andrew!

The Body Shop gift set from Terence 

Classy necklaces from Sweetie

Sweet gifts from Jasmine

Vintage-looking long necklaces and owl purse from CK.

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