Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gala Premiere of King of Mahjong

A week ago, I was invited by Clover Films to the Red Carpet session and Gala Premiere of King of Mahjong which is premiering on the 19th February 2015.

The premiere date of 'King of Mahjong' is set on the first day of CNY which marks the first Mahjong themed movie in Singapore. 

Our Singapore's twins, Hayley and Jayley Woo appear as cameos in the movie.

I used to watch HKG movies which featured Mahjong themes and most of them were directed by famous HKG director, Wong Jing. He is still the king of gambling themed comedy movies.

'King of Mahjong' which is directed by Malaysian director, Adrian Teh, and it runs for 112 minutes. I had a good laugh throughout the whole show. It is funny and a pretty entertaining movie. 

The story is about a long feud and reunion of Wong Tin Ba (starring Mark Lee) and Ah Fatt (played by Chapman To) who are the disciples of the legendary Mahjong Maestro, Master Ru (starring Eric Tsang). 20 years later, Wong is now a world acclaimed Mahjong champion and he wants to challenge Fatt at the World Mahjong Championship. Despite of Wong's insistence, he declined to join as he wants to lead a peaceful life as a commoner. Fatt is a single father who raised up his daughter, Sassy (played by Venus Wong) on his own after his wife, Ramona (starring Michelle Ye) left them when Sassy was 2 years old. Fatt is worried that his headstrong daughter will never find a partner till he realised that she is in love with a nerdy-looking neighbour, Wayne (played by Adrian Tan) who is also smitten with her.

  To goad Fatt into the showdown with him, Wong abducts Ramona and holds her as a hostage. Fatt has no choice but to join the competition. Watch to find out Master Ru's secret legendary Mahjong move...

Lively supporting casts, Richard Low, Dennis Chew and Patricia Mok sum up the nice scene of the 'Kampung Spirit' feeling.

'King of Mahjong' is a comedy movie which consists of about 70% of Cantonese dialogue, interesting gambling scenes and a heart warming feeling as a whole. Do catch it during CNY period and HUAT AR!

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