Sunday, February 15, 2015

[Random-ness] Jess Baby's space


Apart from Cony and Brown, Moon is also another of my favorite characters in the LINE Series. I picked up this plush toy with a purchase of an Extra Value Meal (EVM) at McDonald's.

It has been a long time since I attended beauty events/workshops, and recently, I only attended the Crème Simon workshop, as I am one of their ambassadors. Do enjoy a 10% discount off from Crème Simon products by keying the discount/voucher code 3NCXTFP when you purchase the products via their e-shop.

I was glad that Sweetie shared with me an invite, regarding the Philosophy workshop, and ironically, we went for different sessions. I met up with my beauty peers, CK and Meryl to attend this event together which was held at SEVIIN, Tangs Orchard.

Learning about and getting to know these products better was the agenda of this workshop. There was a speech presentation and all attendees were given a try-out of the products during the event. In the end of the workshop, we were advised to head down to their beauty counter on level 1 to receive a philosophy goodie bag.

 There is a promotion going on at the counter and they are selling 2 'cleanse, peel, treat' trial sets for the price of 1. Meryl and I seized this offer, and we paid close to SGD20 for a set.

The trial set consist of 5 beauty items and it looks pretty promising as it comes in deluxe sizes.

We bagged home 2-pc products as our goodies bag.

I am a member of D & C, and I received a 30% discount voucher during my birthday month. To make full use of this voucher, I asked Jasmine to join in the shopping spree as this voucher can only be used in a single receipt.

In the end, we picked up 5 pairs of shoes and the total damage was only SGD115. My hauls from D & C were a pleasant one as I only paid SGD45 for 2 pairs of shoes.

I was happy to win a shoe-bag from SHUBACS through the RoomiesTV CD Launch at Scape. SHUBACS offers an array of designs at a decent price. Do check out their website!

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