Monday, December 30, 2013

The Little Black Jacket: CHANEL’s classic revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld

CHANEL’s photo exhibitionThe Little Black Jacket: CHANEL’s classic revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld has finally made its way to the last stop, Singapore after several stops in major cities such as New York, London, Paris and Tokyo.
The Little Black Jacket: CHANEL’s classic revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld runs daily at the ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands until Jan 1, 2014. Admission is complimentary. 
CHANEL's photographic exhibition is dedicated to Karl Lagerfeld's book, and I was glad that The Little Black Jacket: CHANEL’s classic revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld opens in Singapore as I am a big fan of Karl Lagerfeld. He is a German Fashion Designer, artist and Photographer who is based in Paris, and he is well-known across the globe for his trademark white hair, black glasses, and high starched collars.
The CHANEL’s photo exhibition showcases over 100 shots of its classic jacket worn by various celebrities and images by Karl Lagerfeld.
This exhibition gives us an exclusive opportunity to preview the photographs that have travelled the world, and I had a pleasant journey to discover Karl Lagerfeld’s photographs that illustrate the versatility and timelessness of the iconic Chanel jacket, seen modelled on a range of popular celebrities and models. In short, it brings me to see many facades of the little black jacket.

Yoko Ono, wifey of late John Lennon.
The photographic exhibition will feature some of the biggest stars and actresses in the world including Milla Jovovich, Keira Knightley, Zhou Xun and Sarah Jesscia Parker.
Song Hye Kyo worn it charmingly by roller skating...

Chewy Jas, Miki (chewy’s frd) and yours truly took a group photo together against Sarah Jesscia Parker’s image as our back-drop... 
Before we left the exhibition gallery, we were given a set of posters which featured Keira Knightley, Song Hye Kyo and Kristen Dunst. Thanks so much for the gigantic posters, which allowed us to bring a piece of art by Karl Lagerfeld home!
After visiting the CHANEL's photographic exhibition, we had fun painting with light. This mini hands-on Christmas activity is free for all exhibition ticket holders.
Baby and I engaged ourselves in the making of Christmas cyanotype print decorations...
YAY, our beautifully final-art of cyanotype print-making!!

Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year!!


Sunday, December 29, 2013

[Food Tasting] New menu at The Manhatten FISH MARKET

I attended the food tasting at ‘The Dining Edition’ at Marina Square. I love the warm setting felt upon stepping into the premises. The Manhattan FISH MARKET unveiled a catchy new menu to satiate any seafood lovers' hunger.

The Manhattan FISH MARKET is popularly known for their 5 cooking methods to bring out the tantalizing flavors of fresh seafood - Flamed, Grilled, Poached, Baked and Fried.
In the all new menu, The Manhattan FISH MARKET celebrates the 5 cooking methods with the introduction of 6 new scrumptious main courses. Diners can look forward to new starters, sides and savor the healthier options found in the menu

I love the Tex Mex Mussels loads, as it is a perfect appetizer to start my meal... A modern interpretation of classic recipe from old Mexico and Texas. The sautéed mussels tasted great with garlic and capsicum with a touch of spice.

Quad Delight is a good choice to order as you can try out 4 delicious starters, Fried Country Mushroom, Fried Calamari, *Chilled Seafood Mix (scallops, baby octopus and crab meat) and *Cranberry coleslaw.

*served chilled

For a healthier starter, do opt for Citrus Mesclun Salad with Cajun Chicken. We enjoyed it very much as it was a light yet hearty meal.

I love the Mesclun Salad as it was topped with sunflower seeds and cranberries for an extra boost of anti-oxidants with either Cajun Honey Mustard or Citrus Herb Dressing.

Dedicated to all Salmon lovers, the Pepper Mayo Salmon Burger is ready to blow your mind away!! The salmon burger is sandwiched between luscious donut buns from their very own recipe. The salmon fillet is gently poached in rich stock in order to retain the natural goodness and texture of the salmon while giving it an amazing flavor.
Pepper Mayo Salmon Burger was topped with a sunny side-up eg and drizzled generously with the recipe of pepper-mayo dressing. It is REALLY worth a gazillion bites!!

Do not miss out on the Citrus Baked Seafood!! An assortment of dory fish, baby octopus and scallops are baked with a tangy marinade with garden herbs, and it is served with the signature garlic herb rice and vegetables.

 I was also given a treat with Calamari Mussels Chicken (CMC in short), scrumptious chicken tenders, grilled calamari and sambal mussels served with a generous portion of garlic herb rice, chunky chips and vegetables

Hearty Grilled Salmon with Black Pepper Sauce, this dish consists of  a thick chunk of salmon steak which was perfectly seared to golden brown, slightly crisped on the surface but ultimately tender on the inside. Lastly, it was drenched in an all-time favorite black pepper sauce and served with ultra smooth mashed potato and vegetables. This is good for diners who are health conscious as salmon contains a high content of omega-3 fatty acid. 

New coolers at The Manhattan FISH MARKET, Sunset by the Bay and Lemongrass Cooler.
Sunset by the Bay is a rejuvenating concoction of Earl Grey Tea with peach fruit pulps to refresh the senses.

Lemongrass Cooler is an icy Chamomile brew infused with lemongrass, lychee and aloe vera which will help to improve digestion and promote healthier skin.

We rounded up our food tasting with desserts, Sizzling Pineapple Cake with Vanilla Sauce and the sweet velvety sensation of the Manhattan Velvet Cake.

Friday, December 27, 2013

[Product Review] Olay Aquaction Intensive Nourishing Emulsion

Olay recently launched the NEW Olay AquAction range, and this range bears the cutting-edge HydraLock Technology that helps to lock-in moisture, and the technology is better than Hyaluronic acid. This latest innovation in hydrating care helps us to achieve ‘Pump Pump Bouncy Skin’.

Thanks CozyCot and Olay!! I am lucky to be given a chance to try out the all-new Olay AquAction Intensive Nourishing Emulsion, as I heard this product range is delivering 24-hour non-stop hydration to the skin and replenishes our skin moisture loss due to harsh environment radicals.   

 Olay AquAction Intensive Nourishing Emulsion is formulated to target skin that is easily dehydrated and this product is designed to deliver continuous rehydration for up to 24 hours. It provides moisture and keeps skin hydrated all-day long, thus skin feels suppler and bouncy.  

The gel-like texture is light on the skin after applying, though with the light texture, Olay AquAction Intensive Nourishing Emulsion offers sufficient moisture to quench the thirst of one’s dehydrated skin.

After application, it makes my make-up easier to glide on my skin and there is no sign of flaky-ness at all. My skin was kept hydrated throughout the whole day of outdoor activities, and I love my extremely hydrating skin now...

What I like best of Olay AquAction Intensive Nourishing Emulsion is that the fresh scent that is very pleasurable and invigorating and it wakes me up every time I apply on my face.

 There is no sticky or greasy feeling after usage, and with the aid of pumping up and lock-in moisture in my skin and therefore my skin stays hydrated and thus my face feels smoother and refreshed too.  

I am happy that I was introduced to Olay AquAction Intensive Nourishing Emulsion and I am totally in love with it now. This product is definitely to be part of my beauty regime from now onwards...

Olay AquAction range is available at most leading department stores and pharmacies.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

[Christmas Edition] Festive mood for Jess Baby

I had a date with my bestie, Chewy Jas for a nice brunch at 'Hatched'. When we arrived there, the café was pretty crowded and we were lead to the second level, as there were more seats there...

 Hatched is an egg-themed cafe serving all-day brunch/breakfast and choice selections in the menu are mainly eggs cooked in various ways such as poached, scrambled, boiled and etc...

Chewy Jas had Oozed Baked Egg, and she enjoyed it very much.

I had Philly Omelette for my brunch, and it was pretty tasty as a whole.

The damage was SGD32-ish. I don't mind paying a higher price at Hatched, but I seriously think that the service given by the servers NEED TO BE IMPROVED.

I received a Xmas gift from her... Thanks so much and I love the contents very much!!


A warm traditional Christmas at Tanglin Mall lit up everyone’s mood for Christmas...

The whole ambience is pretty well done. I was immersed in the picturesque setting and I took some photos against the beautiful decoration.

I like the two horses best...

Step into the colorful world of Once Upon a Christmas Winter Wonderland at Marina Bay Sands.

The skating rink has been transformed into a full candy land, and I love the candy house loads.

I explored the magnificent candy land with the life-sized tin soldiers, giant toy train and presents.


Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and I love the festive mood, though there is no snow nor climate change in Singapore but with all these beautiful decorations, it brings up everyone’s mood especially for the young children...