Gala opening night of LightSeeker

The third original resident show, LightSeeker is now showing at the integrated resort...
The fantasy-themed, LightSeeker is the latest musical which opened at the Resorts World Theatre on 28th November 2013, and it will run for four months till 23 March 2014 at Resorts World Sentosa Theatre (formally known as the Festive Grand Theatre)

I had the pleasure to attend the Gala Night of LightSeeker all thanks to Yeo Terence.

 An original production of Resorts World Sentosa, the story is revolves around The General, (played by Stuart Boother) who has been given a task by his menacing emperor (played by Lim Kay Siu, who appears only in the video background) to go on a quest to obtain ‘The Light’, a life essence which will make the Emperor more powerful.

The General is assisted by Usha, (played by Vivienne Carlyle) a witch who is always on the lookout for ways to take over the place of The General. His search leads him to Nova (played by Sarah Brown) who has the ability to create ‘The Light’.

 I was impressed by the dynamic backdrop, as the LED wall provides added depth to the visuals and brings the scenes to a whole new dimension level. I was impressed by the quality of CGI effects too...

  To be honest, some scenes in Act 1 were pretty boring as they were too draggy and could have been shortened, and at the same time confusing too as I couldn't get my bearings right… The show picks up well in Act 2 with more engaging acrobatic acts and the story flows faster and becomes more interesting.
Sarah Victoria Brown, who plays Nova, has a powerful voice and I was mesmerized by her alluring and velvet vocals. It is a delight to hear her sing as it makes the entire show shine...

The two songs I liked are ‘only a Man’ and ‘The Light Within’, and they are by our home-grown acclaimed songwriter, Dick Lee. 
Usha's costume gave me the impression of the wicked queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs...
LightSeeker offers audience another level of musicals as this show provides a theatrical spectacular medley of songs, dance, special visual effects and acrobatic acts. The beautiful scores are written by acclaimed songwriter, Dick Lee (Golden Horse Awards 1996 and Singapore Cultural Medallion 2005) and boasts a stellar cast of international performers of West End. 
A musical not to be missed!!
  Thanks for extending your invite to me, and lastly a big thank you for the souvenir program book…
 Although LightSeeker bears a thin plot, but the scores and acrobatic acts are amazing, and I enjoyed the musical as a whole...
Do show your support for the original production of Resorts World Sentosa.  



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