Friday, December 27, 2013

[Product Review] Olay Aquaction Intensive Nourishing Emulsion

Olay recently launched the NEW Olay AquAction range, and this range bears the cutting-edge HydraLock Technology that helps to lock-in moisture, and the technology is better than Hyaluronic acid. This latest innovation in hydrating care helps us to achieve ‘Pump Pump Bouncy Skin’.

Thanks CozyCot and Olay!! I am lucky to be given a chance to try out the all-new Olay AquAction Intensive Nourishing Emulsion, as I heard this product range is delivering 24-hour non-stop hydration to the skin and replenishes our skin moisture loss due to harsh environment radicals.   

 Olay AquAction Intensive Nourishing Emulsion is formulated to target skin that is easily dehydrated and this product is designed to deliver continuous rehydration for up to 24 hours. It provides moisture and keeps skin hydrated all-day long, thus skin feels suppler and bouncy.  

The gel-like texture is light on the skin after applying, though with the light texture, Olay AquAction Intensive Nourishing Emulsion offers sufficient moisture to quench the thirst of one’s dehydrated skin.

After application, it makes my make-up easier to glide on my skin and there is no sign of flaky-ness at all. My skin was kept hydrated throughout the whole day of outdoor activities, and I love my extremely hydrating skin now...

What I like best of Olay AquAction Intensive Nourishing Emulsion is that the fresh scent that is very pleasurable and invigorating and it wakes me up every time I apply on my face.

 There is no sticky or greasy feeling after usage, and with the aid of pumping up and lock-in moisture in my skin and therefore my skin stays hydrated and thus my face feels smoother and refreshed too.  

I am happy that I was introduced to Olay AquAction Intensive Nourishing Emulsion and I am totally in love with it now. This product is definitely to be part of my beauty regime from now onwards...

Olay AquAction range is available at most leading department stores and pharmacies.

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