I love Jess Baby's space

 As usual, I am back for the update of my McDonald's Classic Plushie Collection. Till date, I have collected 3 plushies so far, and the latest plush I got from my Baby was Grimace

Grimace is big and he is all purple in color. He has short arms and legs, and is often known for his slow-witted demeanor. His common expression is the word, 'DUH'

Another 2 more plushies and I will be done with my classic collection, I simply can't wait for Officer Big Mac whom is pretty rare to be seen as a plushie in the McDonald's Community. 

 It has been a long time since I met up Linda ever since she took up her science course. We met up for a simple meal at Toa Payoh, I brought her to my favorite Roast Delight food joint, Hiang Ji Roasted Meat & Noodle House which is located at Toa payoh Lorong 6. This eatery place is very popular and it was pretty hard to get seats and queue was often long too, but need not worry, as the queue will subside quickly due to many workers being assigned to help during peak lunch /dinner hours.

During our dinner, I received a Xmas gift from Linda, and it was a Vodka Lime which she picked up during her Hong Kong trip. I love the pinky moustache necklace which she hung it around the neck of the bottle. Thanks so much for the lovely gifts!!

We ended our night out with some desserts from the Beans Talk.   

OM!! Our dessert only cost us SGD2, and it resembles the Malaysian renowned dessert, Blackball which cost us SGD5.90 per serving. WOW!! Beans Talk is much more cost saving in long run.  

The dessert tasted good and filling, so for small eaters, you can share a bowl with your friend(s) or your loved ones...

Thanks Rosanne who came down to Suntec City and joined me for lunch, and we settled ourselves at Sushi Express which is located at City Link Mall. We chatted a lot and I love her company very much.

We did a gift exchange during our lunch too, and my gift from her was wrapped with a Paul Frank gift wrapping...

I got a Paul Frank pen holder... Thanks Babe!! Appreciate it loads as a little thought means so much to me. Don't forget our mission together for 2014 - collect more running medals.

I hereby end my post with a bonding lunchie time with Mommy at The Manhattan Fish Market, as she is always not at home during weekdays due to babysitting my nephew, Hayden, thus when she is back home on weekends, I'm always not at home.


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