Media Christmas party at iFly Singapore

Thanks for inviting me for a round of unforgettable treat of indoor skydiving at iFLY Singapore, which is located at Sentosa. Thanks iFLY Singapore for the ‘WOW’ experience!!

After filling up the consent form, we were all set and ready for our flight training in the training room.
We were lead to the changing area to put on our flying gear, and I can’t wait to fly as I love the carefree and soaring experience...
Thanks Baby who made time to join me in this event, appreciate it loads!!

I have a fruitful and delightful skydiving experience and the feeling of floating in the air gives me a carefree feeling... FREEDOM is still the word to describe me when I am floating above the ground. YAY!!
After my flight, I was given my first–ever skydiving certificate for completing my basic flying training, and apart from the certificate, I got a chance to pick up a photo of myself soaring in the wind tunnel... That was really nice as it is a great KEEP-SAKE. Beautiful memories LAST!!  
Jess Baby with Harvest Wright, he was the instructor during my flight...
iFly Singapore continues to develop Indoor Skydiving as a sport for the youth (7 years old and above) and adults. During a Media Christmas party, iFly Singapore unveiled their plans for Educational Programmes for Schools in Singapore, and announced two new Guinness World Records achievements! They also launched new proFLYER membership packages designed to provide a comprehensive training package to assist those picking up the sport. 
Since opening in 2011, iFly Singapore has hosted over 120,000 visitors and held the world’s first Indoor Skydiving World Championships in 2012. iFly Singapore was recently accredited with the ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. These certifications ensure that every possible step has been taken to safeguard that the customer’s flight experience is undertaken in a risk-free environment. 
iFly Singapore conducts Education Programmes for schools in Singapore as they plan to develop this internationally recognised sport in Singapore through the Sports Education Programme (SEP) so they can become technically proficient with the sport.
Indoor skydiving is an exhilarating sport for flyers of all ages and skill levels and students will get to experience the sensation of skydiving from 12,000ft without the high cost and risks of jumping out of an airplane, in a safe environment.
During the media party, Mr Lawrence Koh, Founder and Managing Director shared with us  the experience of flight without the risks and costs of the actual skydive to as many people as he could and extended these opportunities to schools which seemed like a natural progression.
At the media event, iFly Singapore also launched the proFLYER membership packages to offer both the young and old the opportunity to pick up indoor skydiving in a progressive manner. The proFLYER packages come in two tiers (Basic and Premium). Both packages provide a more affordable option for those already involved in the sport of indoor skydiving and to the overseas flyers who regularly visit iFly Singapore for training. 
iFly Singapore obtained the Guinness Record for the most number of people in the wind tunnel, which was set by 13 Singaporeans with twelve children and one safety adult in the wind tunnel at 193 km/hr for over five minutes.
The longest indoor free-fall was set by Alson Ooi, Joshua Tay and Muhammad Ezrielshah Bin Rahmat. The three men flew continuously in the wind tunnel for 4 hours and 2 minutes and this is equivalent to a free-falling of more than 700km.
Two more records were attempted and obtained the Guinness Record during the media event, to break the record for the most backwards somersaults within one minute, the previous record stands at 40, and to set a new record for the most two-way verticals (two persons flying side by side would take turns to pass under each other without making physical contact with one another).  
As Christmas is around the corner, therefore there was a special segment prepared by iFLY Singapore.
During the party, Santa Claus and Snow Man made their way to the wind tunnel and they did a short segment of sky-diving and it was hilarious...
 Team Firefly: Choo Yi Xuan, 12 and Kyra Poh, 11
They are schoolmates, and they have been training at iFly Singapore since 2011. The team has competed against pro-flyers at least twice their age, and came in sixth under 2-way Freefly (open category) during the first Indoor Skydiving World Championships 2012. 
Youth ambassador, Kyra Poh, successfully attempted the new Guinness World Record for the most number of backwards somersaults in one minute. 
Lastly, thanks for the invite once again and the lovely cupcakes!


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