[exclusive invite] Fullhouse Signature Official Opening Party

I attended the official opening of Fullhouse Signature which is located at Clarke Quay with Claressa and her friends recently...

We had fun taking photos with the mascots before heading to the second level for Fullhouse Signature

There are 30 outlets around Asia, and among the 30 outlets, there are only 4 ‘Fullhouse Signature’, in which 2 outlets in China, 1 outlet in Hong Kong and lastly 1 outlet in Singapore.
Unlike the original restaurant/cafe, Fullhouse Signature has their very own unique menus created by the local chefs from each region. This special arrangement is to cater to the local taste-buds from each region – China, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

The four main family members in Fullhouse are Thomas (daddy), Tracy (mummy), Tony (son) and Tiffani (daughter).

They are the mascots for the Fullhouse family, and play an important role in the inspiration of entrees in the menu. The menu gets to change each time they go for their annual vacation, and that explains why Fullhouse Signature restaurants have their very own unique entrees in the menu.

We simply can't get enough of the family members from Fullhouse. They look so cute and my camera hungers for more photos of them... 

The daughter of the house, Tiffani  


The son of the house, Tony

Jess Baby with Pam Soh 

 There are related merchandise in the restaurant/café too... 

We were soaking in the pretty and breath-taking ambience and I love the concept loads.  The setting decorations are simply beautiful and I cannot find the words to aptly describe them.

Jess Baby with Jie Ting

A group photo was taken  before the opening party of Fullhouse Signature.

There were some canapés and a decent buffet lunch for our indulgence at the party...


My OOTD at the opening party of Fullhouse Signature... Oops! I kinda thought it was causal for a opening  party, but to me, it is perfectly okay as it brings me nearer to the theme concept of the restaurant - being a part of the family.

The father of the house, Thomas

Fullhouse Signature offers a dream home feeling for their diners, and apart from the pleasant dining experience, they do cater for wedding / family photo shoots, family gatherings, high tea sessions or just a relaxing and casual meet-up with friends or loved ones..

We simply immersed ourselves in the mood for taking photos!

Upon entering the main dining area, we were greeted by the garden-themed decoration which gives a touch of a natural and peaceful ambience to the diners when they are having their meals.

Lastly, a BIG THANK YOU to FULLHOUSE SIGNATURE and MAPWERKZ for the lovely invitation. Thank you so much for having us!!


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