Friday, March 16, 2018

[launch event] mc2 - Singapore's first-ever Smart Blind Fashion Gallery

mc2 launched Singapore's first-ever Smart Blinds Fashion Gallery at the Vertex Building, and they offer a one-stop space for homeowners and interior designers to browse and purchase from a wide selection products!

Thanks for the invite, as this event is useful for me to check out on some home furnishings for my future home!

As technology improved, homeowners can now configure the settings and operate the blinds with their mobile devices while they are outside or overseas. At the showroom, we got to experience smart living by activating the shades with a voice command. With the aid of the motorised operated curtains, they help to reduce the risk of accidents and to keep one's home safe for young children, infants, and even pets!

mc2 is also the first company who has developed ALTEX Curtain Shaping Technology, which aims to ensure that all their curtains will always look fresh and retain their beautiful 'S-Shape'! It is quite cool in terms of technology!

I was very impressed by the unique sliding door which had the same 'S-shape' design as the ALTEX Curtains Most of the consumers installed this sliding door to create more space in the living room. 

These vibrant colored pleated curtains are from the No.1 Japanese Brand 'Toso'! Toso will definitely brighten up one's mood at home!

Before Meryl and I headed up to the second level to check out mc2's ALTEX SecureZIP Blinds, which are meant for use on balconies or private enclosed areas. We watched a video on the benefits of the ALTEX SecureZIP Blinds that can be offered.

   ALTEX SecureZIP Blind protects the house against rain, strong winds, as over exposure to sunlight. Once the blinds are zipped, there will be no gaps between the fabrics to ensure complete privacy! With the help of ALTEX SecureZIP Blind, it definitely gives homeowners greater flexibility over how to maximise their floor areas. They also come with a 5-year warranty which is one of the longest periods offered in Singapore for zip blinds. 


The one-stop shop conveniently provides home ideas for people who are presently seeking ideas or inspiration for home décor! Apart from curtains and blinds, mc2 also offers wall-papers, marble offerings for countertops/walls/timber floorings! Thus, consumers need not have to travel to various places to get their home furnishing products. With all the products readily available here for viewing, it will definitely give one's the focus on what they wish for their future home settings!

Do drop by to mc2 at the Vertex Building today to check out these smart blinds and curtains!



33 Ubi Ave 3, #01-28
Vertex Building
Singapore 408868

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