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My Xmas Pressies

It's the season for giving again...See I got so many blessing gifts from my friends.... Pressie open time... Wei Wei got me 2 Body Mist from GAP & Lip Gloss from Rimmel

Necklaces from Susie & Nail Color - The Face Shop from Patricia

Candle Holder from Wendy

Cup Warmer from Alex
Mickey Mouse Red Mug from Iris Lew Gift Set include Elianto Lip Gloss, Soap Flakes, Nail color & Brilliant Eye Color (Cream) from Suhan

IPSA Sun Block, Natural Resource Trial Set from Sana & 2 Issey Miyaki Vial from Jerlyn

Fossil Purse, Lucidol Hair Wax, Loreal Professional Hair Oil & Lip-Smacker Lip Balm & ANNA SUI ANTIQUE VANITY BOX all from my BFF - Joanne
From Joanne again - Pooh Storage Box There are some gifts given to me w/o pixs.... Thanks Zam for the Chocolates, Patricia Teo for the cute Cheese Cake Towel & Woody Cow Stapler (cute sia)...
Thanks all for your pressies... Truely Appreciated by me...

Happy Boxing Day

The traditional celebration of Boxing Day includes giving money and other gifts to charitable institutions, needy individuals and people in service jobs. Typically, people give presents to postal workers or spend the day volunteering. But in Singapore, usually great discounts on Boxing Day... So it's a shopping & Makan-ing day for me... Hoho!!!
Makan-ing Time... Meal @ Puncak - Far East Plaza.... yummy-licious!! Love the Signature Fried Wanton to the bitzzzzz... Asking for more for my next patron.... Seafood Hot Plate Mee Hoon Mix Mee Goreng My loots.... Classy Rose w Peacock Feather Hair Clip from Tailsman @ $7.50 Classy Black Sling Clutch Bag from Isetan @ $19.90 Black Sling Clutch Bag from Level One @ $25 A pair of demin studded flats from Level One @ $23.90 While waiting for Baby to pick me up for dinner... we rested ourselves @ Mos Burger... I had Peach Iced Tea!!! Baby picked me up @ Centrepoint taxi stand... OM!! was greeted by a Baby Grimace Santa... haha!!! That's my fu…

Harry's with my 2 Babies

Chilling out @ Harry's - Dempsey Hill with my two babies in my life... I love Harry's to the bitz cos they are so pet-friendly... Love their their cocktails too...

Baby Kel-ling

Baby Coco
Baby Jess-ling with my Santa Coco... Love my two babies to the bitz... Muacks

My treat @ Zhou's Kitchen

Baby was raving about this Zhou's Kitchen... so we made a trip down to Alexandra Road... Dinner ard 8.45pm... rather late sia... Need to stay slim always... Food we ordered:- Fried Rice with Seafood in XO Sauce Zhou's Kitchen Pork Shank Egg-Plant with Minced Meat in Spicy Sauce
I I paid for the dinner damage....Nice dinner indeed...

Over the moon

Just joined The iKnowMovement Group in Facebook... There is a compaign - 'Join & Win... To my surprise, I got a reply from them... stated that I have won myself a pair of movie tickets... So I reply them by providing my details.... Here it goes.... I recieved the pair of tickets (GV vouchers) by mail...
Thanks Kotex Asia & The iknowMovement... for selected me as one of the ten lucky winners...

Facebook Contest from Cafe Del Mar

I joined the Cafe Del Mar (CDM) group recently... Received a private msg from them to take part to win NYE Party @ Siloso Beach...

Out of curiousity, I just joined for fun...This was what I wrote on their wall for the contest... Hoping I can be selected for the ticket to the NYE Party... Keep my fingers crossed!!!
Are you ready for the event of the year @ Siloso Beach...

OMG!!! I received a reply from CDM... that I am one of the selected winner for the CDM contest... Gosh! So happy... that I will be able to be part of the celebration @ Sentosa

Thanks so much CDM for selecting me to be part of the yearly event... CDM ROCKS!!!

Here it goes... my complimentary admits from CDM.... Muacks!!!

Our weekend

Had lunch with Baby @ Waraku - The Heeren...
Baby in his SPF Top & Cap...

My meal - Miso Ramen (Mini)Baby's meal - Curry Katsu Don (Regular)

Our side kick
After our lunch... We went Far East Plaza for some shopping... Baby got himself a pair of white leather-pointed shoes... while I got myself some hair accessories... Trendy Feather clips...
It's been a long time since we had weekend lunch together... as Baby had classes on weekend... Feel so fresh and good again... Muacks...

Our 16th Twenty-Two & 2nd Xmas Celebration

Recieved my Anniversary & Xmas pressies from Baby.... Guess what...They were from Anna Sui & Coach.... Anniversary Gift
Hand Mirror Lip Color Palette & Antique Vanity Box from Anna Sui....

Christmas Gift Coach Wristlet.... Pressies I got for him.... Passport Holder from Fossils - Anniversary Gift Leather-Strap Digital Watch from Fossils - Xmas Gift
Thanks for all the TLC that you have rendered to me for the past 16th months... Thoughtful and the priority that you given to me... Love you Baby... Muacks