Friday, November 30, 2018

[USA TRIP] Day 2 - A visit to Chelsea Market + One World Observatory +911 Memorial Museum

Baby woke up at 7am almost every morning, as there is a gym in the hotel where we stayed, Baby woke up at 7am almost every morning to get some exercise, before starting on our activities for the day. As for me, I either woke up at the same time as him to get ready, or I lazed in bed to get more beauty sleep. Sometimes, I would just leave MTV on and remain in a sleepy state of mind! Baby normally came back by 8am. Normally, we would try to leave the hotel at 9am'ish, in order to begin exploring New York.

In this post, I will talk about our visit to Chelsea Market! We walked to the subway station (the distance was barely 5 minutes), and took the subway (ACE to 14th Street Station) for Chelsea Market.

Chelsea Market is a food hall and shopping mall located in Manhattan. It was once a factory that produced biscuits and cookies, but it has now become one of the city's prime tourist attractions. It is a wonderful place to pop in to grab a quick snack/refreshments, or to have a full meal. It is also a joy to just sit-down and people watch, as this place had a hipster feel to it.

We settled at 'Lobster Place' for our brunch.


We ordered a sharing portion of Salmon Poke Bowl, Lobster Bisque and half a dozen of Fresh Oysters. 

We also headed to 'Sarabeth's' for a dessert fix, and we shared among ourselves a slice of Cheese Cake and a cup of hot Black Tea!
I enjoyed the laid back feeling of of spending time here, while indulging in the awesome gourmet food found at Chelsea Market!
We left Chelsea market in the afternoon, and our next stop was the One World Observatory, as well as the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

As we were approaching the site area of the World Trade Centre, I couldn’t help but to feel that life is so vulnerable. The One World Trade Centre is located at the site of where the tragedies of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks occurred. The new building is now a symbol of hope and rebuilding, and our visit to the One World Observatory was poignant.

I began my visiting experience by walking through The Oculus to the One World Observatory. I stopped by to take an OOTD, before continue my journey. 

We got our tickets and we took the high-speed elevator to 102nd floor in just 60 seconds!

The One World Trade Centre opened in 2015, about 15 years after the tragic attack on the previous World Trade Centre (The Twin Towers), and it is now the tallest structure in the United States of America. The tower has become an iconic part of New York's City, representing both the recovery of New York from the 9/11 tragedy, and the beautiful skyline. The One World Observatory is a must-visit tourist destination that offers a breath-taking perspective of the city of New York. 

The One World Observatory offers an exquisite 360 view of Manhattan and of the surrounding New York boroughs. It was a pretty epic experience! 



After the One World Observatory, we slowly made our way to the North and South Memorial Pools of the 911 Memorial. The two enormous reflecting pools were made sacred through tragic loss at the Twin Towers. 

We queued to enter the 911 Memorial Museum, after picking up our tickets at the ticketing booth.

In the 9/11 Museum, there are separate sections with warnings of disturbing and graphic videos of the attacks.

The Survivors' Stairs

From the bottom of my heart, I really love New York. There is just something about it that is so hard to define, and most people simply say there is no place like it. Let us live life to the fullest, spread love and peace! 

It was about dinner time when we made our way out from the 911 Memorial Museum, and we took the Metro from Cortlandt Street Station to Prince St Station. Baby had read up about a pasta restaurant which was supposedly fantastic, so he insisted on visiting the place. The restaurant was about 10-11 minutes of walking distance away from the station. This eatery place is famous for their take-away servings which are wrapped in a paper cone! You might find it ridiculous, but I thought it was a pretty innovative way of packing food! It makes it much easier to consume while walking along the streets! For sit-in diners, they do offer cozy space to have a meal!

I strongly recommend this place as the pasta was delicious, and I loved it so much! The pasta was al dente and was cooked with passion too. The Spaghetti Incident is definitely one of the better pasta joints I've been to! I do wish that the service could have been better, but I suppose that was due to them being busy as the place was packed.

New York is known as a city that never sleeps, and therefore most retail shops located at Times Square only closes at 2am! I went to Forever 21 for midnight shopping. I didn't even realise that Baby took this photo, as I was busy shopping for earrings! 

That pretty much summed up my second night in New York. I end my post with my supper which I picked up from Target, a supermarket which was located near my hotel!