Thursday, January 23, 2020

PHS Miracle Oil Treatment + Dinner at Hillman Restaurant

I received an invite to review the PHS Miracle Oil Treatment from Daily Vanity. I agreed on it immediately without any hesitation, as I have heard nothing but good reviews on their hair services! I booked an appointment with the outlet at Ngee Ann City. Upon reaching, I was led to a consultation room, and was introduced to the benefits and the procedure of the treatment.

The Miracle Oil Treatment begins with a gentle scalp cleanse, followed by a deep conditioning which is done by applying a specially formulated treatment cream to moisturise hair cells that replenish keratin and provides nutrients that strengthen hair.
I love this natural treatment as the Miracle Oil does not leave any silicon residue on the hair as compared to other typical hair treatments. My hair looks shinier and my hair colour is more vibrant. It also feels softer and more manageable after the treatment! What I like most about the treatment is that the results last longer than I expected.

Thanks PHS Hair Science for the try-out and I fell head over heels in love with this treatment! Lastly, thanks Daily Vanity for sending more beauty products... I will share upon more of the products soon!

I met up with CK recently to do some household shopping/fix at the 99speedmart which is located at Sim Avenue (along Geylang Road). We love saving money, and 99speedmart does have some awesome prices! I picked up 8 items for less than SGD25!


99speedmarts are conveniently located in the heartlands, making it fast and easier for us to get our grocery fix! There’s no need to bulk buy to enjoy savings as at 99speedmarts, you can save money even just by purchasing 1 item. ‘BEST PRICE - EVERYDAY LOW PRICE’

After our purchases, we went to Wan Dou Sek (搵到食) for dinner. We had an enjoyable and delightful dim sum meal.

Hayden joined RKM’s weekend date! We had a Fluffy-licious weekend with CorNichE Dip Dip Marshmallow! We picked up a box of CorNichE Dip Dip Marshmallow with chocolate dipping sauce from FairPrice, and it is the first marshmallow with dipping sauce (Chocolate or Strawberry flavour).

Hayden enjoyed it very much! The packaging looks as good as it tasted. If you love chocolate fondue then do enjoy this on-the-go sweet snack anytime and anywhere! It is available at any of the FairPrice outlets!

Meryl got me a pair of Fortune Cat earrings from China during her work flight. OM! I can wear these for CNY. Thanks so much for the sweet little gift!

Baby and I went over to visit Nick Allen at his place. Chef Nick prepared Oven-Baked lamb Rack and Yorkshire Pudding for dinner.

Thanks for the hospitality and for hosting this great dinner ; We appreciated it very much! I took a photo at the carpark with 'Monsie' before leaving his place.
My recent Fri-nite dinner with Baby was at the Hillman Restaurant. It bears a 70s setting with red tablecloth, velvet-trimmed chairs and jaded interiors. Nevertheless, it does make for a lovely trip down nostalgia lane.

A must-try signature dish at Hillman is the Paper-Wrapped Chicken. It might have an ugly presentation, but do not be deceived by its looks as the chicken meat was absolutely delicious!!

The Crabmeat Beancurd was pretty good, and the egg white-drop gravy especially enhanced the sweetness of the crabmeat.

 Lastly, we had the signature Eight Star Pot, and the claypot dish contained a fair amount of seafood treasures, such as fresh prawns, fish maw. Other ingredietns also included bamboo shoot slices, mushrooms, cabbage and baby corn which was all simmered in a flavorful broth. It went so well with my white rice. The damage for our dinner was about SGD57.

Monday, January 20, 2020

[Day 02] Short trip to Fukuoka

The next morning, after a scrumptious breakfast of Onigiri, instant soup and dry instant noodles, we proceeded to explore Hakata! OMG, the Mentaiko went so well with my dry noodles! I think I can have it every day.

One the first day of my arrival, I picked up a box of Mentaiko at 1080yen for our indulgence during our entire Japan trip! My Baby knows me well as he is the one who offer to buy it for me as this is one of kyushu’s specialty that I will not failed to eat when I am Fukuoka. 

We took the train to Ohorikoen (Ohori Park) for some sight-seeing and we took some random scenery photos and of course, some OOTDs. 

This was my first time in Japan during the Autumn season. I really love the maple leaves very much. I took many photos against it. 

We took a break from all the walking by resting at a Starbucks cafe. We had Matcha Latte.

We took the train to Tenjin station for lunch, and we had 'Motsunabe' at a restaurant - 'Show-Raku'. It is apparently serves one of the best Hakata-Styled Motsunabe, and we ordered a portion each, as there was a set-value option for 1 pax available for lunch. The restaurant offered soup bases of Miso or Soy Sauce.

A short introduction of ‘Motsunabe’ before I continue my post... This dish is a speciality of Kyushu, especially in Fukuoka, and in essence, it is steamboat with Pork or Beef tripe/offal as the main ingredients. As it was cold in Japan, this dish is essential to the locals, and we obviously had to give it a try!


We chosen the standard soy sauce as our soup base. We also ordered an additional side to go along our meal. It tasted awesomely delicious. We were glad that there was no queue at all, as compared to my previous visit whereby there was a 15 minutes wait before entering. The main reason for this was because we had avoided the lunch crowd, as we had a late lunch around 3pm. I fully recommend any visitors to Hakata to try this restaurant, which is located at the basement of Tenjin Station.

After our meal, we went shopping in Tenjin Core, and we popped by a Mister Donut for a snack. We were attracted by the ongoing collaboration of Pokémon (Misdo x Pokémon). I ordered Set A, which cost us ¥950 (excluding tax). The set came with a Pikachu Donut, a hot drink and a collectible Pokémon-design plate. 

Baby gave me a surprise by planning a dinner at the Sailor Moon Pop up Cafe at KITTE Hakata which is located at Hakata JR Station. Pre-reservation and payment was required before a customer could enter the pop-up cafe. All diners got a special mystery Sailor Moon gift!  

Sailor Moon is one of my favorite childhood characters, and my Baby was sweet to book the dinner slot prior to our arrival in Fukuoka. The reservation for slots were mostly done, and we only managed to get the 8pm slot. 

I took many random photos at the cafe. Thanks Baby for this wonderful dinner!

Before I conclude my travel experience for the second day in Hakata, Fukuoka! I went to try my luck with the claw machines again. I will share more soon...