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[LAUNCH EVENT] Aging backwards with ZÉLL-V

ZÉLL-V is a leader in therapeutic cellular therapies for anti-aging, beauty, and optimum health that was established in Germany. Currently, they have a presence in about 40 countries, and these include Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and many more.

I was glad to attend their inaugural launch of the company's top-selling products! There was the ZELL-V Platinum Plus Sheep Placenta Extract with enhanced formulation, the ZELL-V Phytogreen, which is designed for cellular detoxing, and the first skincare product from the company, the Swiss-Formulated ZELL-V GREEN Wonder Cream. Another range of products that were worth mentioning that was featured were the ZELL-V PLUS Phytocell Serum+, Be+ Bust enhancing range of products.

During the launch event, we were to encourage to do a blood cell test, in order to give us a bit more understanding on what is happening within our bodies. Both Rachel and I had butterflies in our stomac…

[Kyushu Holiday] Witness the history of Nagasaki

My Fukuoka holiday post continues! 
After a simple breakfast, we left for Nagasaki! We took the Shinkansen train from Hakata Station by utilizing our pre-paid passes, and the train journey took about 3 hours.

Nagasaki is a port city on the island of Kyushu and is the Capital of Nagasaki Prefecture. It is one of Japan's closest port cities to the Asian Mainland which played an important role in foreign trade relations. However, as most people will surely know, Nagasaki is the site of one of the atomic bombings that occurred near the end of WWII.

Upon reaching Nagasaki, we purchased one-day tram passes for 500 yen each, and this allowed us to explore the town with unlimited rides within a day.

The first place we visited was the Nagasaki Peace Park, and the biggest feature of this park was The Peace Statue. It was dedicated as an appeal to lasting world peace, as well as a prayer and message to the world that such tragedy should never be repeated. Every gesture of the statue symbolised a…