Monday, April 23, 2018

[FOOD REVIEW] Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo

Normally, in Singapore, Yong Tau Foo is ordered as a soup or dry version. However, due to the innovative and creative ideas from the owner of Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo, she has come up with Curry Laksa and Ma-La versions!

Apart from the traditional Yong Tau Foo, Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo also offers the Hakka version too! Each tofu cube, egg-plants and bitter gourd are deep fried nicely, and stuffed with delicious minced pork. I enjoyed eating the homemade Hakka Meatballs the best, as I love the crispy exterior and the delicious taste!

 The 5-pcs Yong Tau Foo + Noodles/Rice (SGD3.60) is a pretty reasonable price. What I loved best was the 5-pcs Yong Tau Foo with Chee Cheong fun which costs only SGD3.80. It can be served in either curry gravy or paired with homemade chilli and sweet sauce. It is definitely a genuine traditional chee cheong fun recipe! 

Each ingredient is handmade from scratch every morning before the stall opens for business. This is because the owner wants to ensure that the customers consume only the freshest prepared items daily! It is obvious that the lady boss shows a passion in making every single piece of Yong Tau Foo!

At Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo, they offer a wide array of selections, as well as to make the ordering process as straight forward and simple as possible. You can choose as many Yong Tau Foo items as you like and place them in a bowl before passing it to the stall attendants, where you can choose either noodles or rice, and the way you want it prepared!

When I was there with my friends for the tasting, we were greeted by a long line, which is always a positive sign for good food! 

Each order was served in a super big bowl with a generous portion of ingredients. The curry laksa gravy was light and savory, and one will not have that 'jelak' feeling after eating! The freshly homemade chicken balls that came with this dish was very delicious and went well with the curry. 

In spite of the heat/weather, I still thoroughly enjoyed the experiences at Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo. All the food item selections available at Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo are rich in flavor and content. The food items at Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo are tastier and fresher as compared to other stalls which I have tried before. 

Xian Mei Yong Tau Foo
Block 504 Bishan Street 11, #01-04 Singapore 570504
Opening hours: Daily - 9am to 9:30pm 

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